Stop Lice Before Summer Camp Starts: Exclusive Beauty Momma Giveaway

Want silky, shiny hair like Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore? Just enter!

The ladies of Makeover Momma are excited to present an awesome giveaway with Lice Shield Shampoo and Conditioner. Lets face it, lice is definitely a gross topic to talk about but life happens…and then you use Lice Shield.

Special Giveaway: Lice Shield Shampoo and Conditioner-in-1

Do you wish you could win a product that not only repels lice, but conditions your child’s hair as well? It’s so easy that you can enter right now, yes now. Here’s how…

* Answer This: “How do you take care of your children’s hair in the summer?”

*Follow Them: Make sure you follow Lice Shield on Twitter (@LiceShield)

It’s the perfect product to use to prevent lice too, especially while your kids are getting ready for summer camp, school functions and tons of time with friends. Be honest: are you ready for lice season?

The great news is that Lice Shield was made especially for children (and it’s completely non-toxic). This shampoo and conditioner-in-1 product gets rid of lice with gently cleansing and conditioning children’s hair, while keeping in mind that they have finer hair and more sensitive scalps than adults.  Even better, this organic product does not include any harmful pesticides or dangerous ingredients, so it’s safe enough to use daily.

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4 comments on “Stop Lice Before Summer Camp Starts: Exclusive Beauty Momma Giveaway
  1. Lisa Olshove says:

    This product sounds like it would be wonderful for my daughter’s upcoming mission trip to Guatemala!

  2. Good point! You should have Chrissy comment too (since they travel a lot)…there are 10 chances to win, so pretty good odds!

  3. Karen R. says:

    I just make sure they wash their hair everyday, and make sure they don’t share brushes.

  4. Shannon says:

    Make sure to have them wash it daily, after sleep overs, I wash all their pillows and bedding and make sure that they don’t share their hair brushes or hair accessories with their friends.

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