Stop Ignoring Your Eyebrows and Lips (They’re Getting A Complex)



The Inspiration: I like virtually any movie that features peaceable levels of insanity and brilliantly cliche dance scenes, and thus Silver Linings Playbook takes the cake. Partially because it’s based on a novel [so that means it must be good, right?], and partially because Jennifer Lawrence kills it with her pouty makeup both in the film and on the award-show red carpet. Now let’s play copy cat…

The Process:


1. Start off with a fresh, clean face (if you’re like me, you only have enough time in the bathroom in the morning as a Kim Kardashian nuptial). Apply a light tinted moisturizer only to the areas that need it to keep your look natural.

2. Use an eyebrow brush to sweep those babies in to place (or better yet, a clear eyebrow gel if you’re short on time). Feeling extra lazy? Finger tip + water + brow = done. That’s how I roll.

3. If you really want to be over the top (rhetorical?), get friendly with an eyebrow pencil. As a naturally small-browed gal, I find these things somewhat terrifying, but the key is light, tiny strokes following the direction of your hair follicles. Lightly “wisp” away at those brows until they look substantially thicker, but never fake. Use your finger or a tissue to gently “blot” them until it looks natural (and be sure to cross compare a lined brow with a naked brow until you get the perfect dimension).

4. Now that your brows are done, the rest is cake (clearly I have a thing for cake today). Sweep liquid eyeliner in “Lauren Conrad rip-off” retro fashion (keep it simple and easy- let those ‘brows do the talking). Add black mascara to balance everything out and not be too brow heavy… who do you think you are, Demi Lovatto?

5. Finally, step out of your comfort zone with a moist, glossy lip color that is darker than your normal preference. This is no Blonde Roast at Starbucks my friends (as if that’s even considered coffee), let the shift in color palette bring the “wow factor” and keep the actual application and texture simple. A soft gloss that won’t dry out your lips, apply, blot, apply, done.

What I Used: Products from the Spring 2013 Mary Kay line! Including…

* Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20

* Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof Mascara

* Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil

* Mary Kay Brow Gel

* Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss


Be sure to follow my novice makeup skills with expert results on the Visual Vice board and promise not to giggle at my facial expressions (a lot, anyways).

Speak Up: What do you like the most about this look: lips or eyes?

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