Stop Dry Winter Skin In Its Flaky Tracks

Salma Hayek and Nicole Richie’s skin is exposed to all kinds of temperatures.

* Beauty Breadown of the Week: VitaBath Skincare Products

When was the last time you used a gelee? What about an exfoliating sugar scrub? If you’re lacking on the gelee in your life, you’re going to love hearing about my brand crush (yes, I have a crush on them): VitaBath. I’m from a family of women who soak up lotion faster than you can say “dry elbows”. They apply creams and ointments to their hands, arms and legs like it’s going out of style, but unfortunately, motherhood has other ideas. Nothing is more drying and damaging to hands or cuticles than constant dish washing, bubble bath giving and gardening.

Since the women in my family are always battling dry skin and hands, I surprised them with VitaBath goodies for the holidays (it’s like pure gold around these parts). Items like the Plus For Dry Skin set make perfect gifts (including the Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and Moisturizing Gelee). But even if the holidays are now over, there is no reason not to satisfy your New Year’s resolutions with these hydrating, healthy-skin tips….

More Tips For Healing Dry, Winter Skin:

* Cut Down The Water: There is no way you can avoid showering or washing the dishes forever, by try to keep your skin’s exposure to extremely hot water at a minimum. If you do love a scalding bath now and again, make sure you apply a super hydrating body oil immediately after you’re done, and add a thick, emollient lotion to skin while it’s still damp.

* Scrub To Smooth: Exfoliating dry and flaky skin might seem counterproductive, but it actually helps give you a “fresh start” from the cold winter air. Use a gentle exfoliant before bed (preferably mixed with a moisturizing oil), and follow up a super thick ointment or lotion (something with a texture similar to Vaseline can work wonders). So what if you’re sticky and shiny? You’ll be smooth and sleek in the morning.

Don’t forget Hooray For Holidays! If you buy anything in the Makeover Momma shop during the month of December (no matter the price), you can pick an amazing product for FREE (including a fabulous sample of VitaBath lotion or scrub). So double your investment this holiday season… and go get your shop on!

* Sound Off: How often do you exfoliate your skin in the winter?

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