Steal Training Tips From Olympic Athletes: Workout From Home

Olympic moms like Allison Pottinger (curling) and Noelle Pikus-Pace (skeleton racing) train hard for their goals…do you?

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How can you train like an Olympic worthy athlete? Here are some tips…

* Add Quick Bursts: Intervals (increasing and decreasing the rate at which you exercise) may be a natural aspect of an athlete’s life, but moms can benefit greatly from interval training. Try using a small machine (like this Stamina In Stride Electronic Stepper) to alternate between 60 seconds of intense cardio, and 60 seconds of a steady pace. This will et you burn more calories in less time (so you’ll be done in no time!)

* Work On Balance: Moms have very little time to exercise, so try looking for ways to multitask every day. Standing on a balance board (like the Body Sport Balance Disc) while doing simple strength training movements will help you work more muscles in less time. (Better yet, try alternating with the step machine suggestion above, and you could have an action-packed circuit routine in only 15 minutes a day!)

* Make Some Air: Athletes train heavily with plyometrics (a series of powerful jumping moves that raise your heart rate, improve stamina and strengthen the entire body), but it can be hard to fit into your daily routine. Instead of worrying about what exercise you should do, try simply keeping a jump rope on hand all day (like this Body Sport Jump Rope). Do a few minutes while waiting for food to cook, a few more while watching TV, and a few more minutes before bed… you’ll be burning calories all day (without even knowing it!)

* Which exercise equipment would you want to try?

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