Stay Forever Young By Winning A Perricone MD Cold Plasma Treatment: Exclusive Beauty Momma Giveaway

Craving pristine skin (like Angelina Jolie and Naomi Watts?) Try winning this…

It’s no secret that Perricone MD products are some of the best in the business. They are coveted by beauty junkies, relished my celebrities and admired by most women… but now YOU have a chance at owning your own Perricone product. This $150 Cold Plasma treatment is an anti-aging breakthrough, using ingredients like to visibly diminish fine lines and wrinkles. We first announced this giveaway during Makeover Momma TV (click here to view the recap), and hope that all our fabulous viewers are ready to enter!

How To Enter:

* Leave a comment on this post telling us: Why do you want this Perricone product?

* Also, be sure to let us know: What was your favorite thing about last night’s show? Be sure to watch the recap here and let us know!

That’s it! Now keep in mind that even if you aren’t the lucky winner of this Forever Young giveaway, you can still get free samples of Cold Plasma just by taking part in their special offer (all you have to do is pay a $4.95 shipping charge). Or if you really want a big reward, simply preregister for Dr. Perricone’s new book Forever Young on Amazon, and get a completely free Concentrated Restorative Treatment product (a $75 value!) The book (available in September) is a critical look at the scientific breakthroughs behind Perricone’s products, including how Cold Plasma is the first product of it’s kind to stimulate the skins natural level of glycosaminoglycans (say that three times fast). Basically, it uses ground breaking technology to help the skin absorb anti-aging ingredients in the best way possible (something scientists have been striving for for years). Three cheers for Perricone!

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18 comments on “Stay Forever Young By Winning A Perricone MD Cold Plasma Treatment: Exclusive Beauty Momma Giveaway
  1. Michelle B says:

    I’m 29 so I would love to try this product to stay ahead of the wrinkles game. I watch a lot of QVC and they sell these products. Every customer that has called in with their testimonials for Pericone products has been awesome. They cannot say enough good things about them. I have dull yucky skin. I think this will also help wake it up.

  2. Who WOULDN’T want to have a product that promises to help defy the laws of aging? 😉 I’m turning older next week, and this would be a great birthday gift to help me in my quest to age gracefully!

    I loved the dress…Can’t wait to see the rest of your picks! And the city slips will be a great accessory for all that walking! I’d say have a pair of turquoise sling backs handy for when you are needing to dress it up! 🙂 And some turquoise beaded earrings and matching bracelet would definitely add to the elegance of the detail on the dress!

  3. Jamie S. says:

    I would love to have the Perricone MD Cold Plasma Treatment. I am 30 years old and I have wrinkles on my forhead and deffinate line between my eyes because I squint alot and I would love to be able to use this high end high quality treatment.

    I really got a lot out of our discussion about what to pack for travel. I always pack like Im finally going to be able to wear that awesome dress but then get their and hate that fact that is all I ended up bringing and not being comfortable. So I def. will think about being comfortable rather then dressy.

    And for Dress #3 I would pair it with a thick chunky dull silver braclet and big thick dull silver earings. Avon has some coming up that would be perfect you might want to check them out my avon link is my name if you need a representative 😉

  4. maria says:

    I would love to win the perricone product!! At 31, although I have no wrinkles (thank goodness) yet, my mother’s skin is flawless due to her taking care of her skin. That is something I have always strive to do, and I tell my almost 10 year old the imporatance of having a skin care regimine at every age. I’ve seen the product on tv and read the tesitmonials online and am dying to try it.

    I loved the informercial!! Too funny, and am going to try and find those pop chips.I think it’s something my kids would love and a healthier choice!!

  5. Michelle B says:

    I really liked how you gave your “disclaimer” about being happy and accepting who we are and that the media is rough on us.

  6. Michelle B says:

    I really liked how you gave your \"disclaimer\" about being happy and accepting who we are and that the media is rough on us.

  7. Jamie says:

    I would have to say that the little infomercial was great with ur hubby,but I enjoyed hearing about snacks that were not only good for myself, but also for my kids. It is hard to have things in the pantry that u may think are fine for u but not the kiddos.

    The Perricone giveaway would be nice to win because I think it is very important to start taking care of your skin at a young age. I too like the other women in recent posts want to try to diminish wrinkles before they happen. Busy mom of two boys, I would love to cut back on the things I put on my skin. One product that does all would be wonderful!

  8. Karla Sceviour says:

    I would love to have this Drperricone product, as I am getting up there..(32) and starting to get wrinkles! I think this would come in handy definately!
    I like the informercial! It was great!

  9. Jeannine M says:

    I want it because at 35 I am starting to get some wrinkles 🙁

  10. Karla Sceviour says:

    I would love to have this Drperricone product, as I am getting up there..(32) and starting to get wrinkles,and bags unsr my eyes!! I think this would come in handy definately!
    I like the informercial!It was great!!

  11. Hana says:

    I want to win this because I have many fine lines around my eyes from sleep deprivation and would love to try this product to see what it can do for my skin.
    My favorite part of the show was definitely the infocomercial. =] I also like how you recommended new food products because I’m always on the lookout for healthier alternatives.

  12. Amy says:

    My favorite part was hearing about good snack options.. I’m always on the lookout for healthy things for myself and the baby! The infomercial was super cute too!

    I would love to be able to get the Dr P product for my mom. Ever year for her birthday she asks for anything to help smooth her skin and help her look younger. She’s 55 this august and wants anything between a cream and laser treatments haha. So I think itd be a great bday gift!

  13. Shannon says:

    I’d love to try out this product because I’ve heard so many amazing things about it and and now that I’ve hit my 30’s and the amount of stress I’ve had over the past couple of years my face is starting to show it too 🙁

    I love how you talk about losing the last five but being healthy about it. It can be so discouraging with how our culture puts pressure on us to be a certain size even though our bodies are all different shapes and sizes.

  14. anita b. says:

    I loved the informercial!
    Just got out of a bad relationship, so stressful and sad. stuck it out for 3 years . Now all that took a toll on my face. It really shows. Stress is not good for aging I tell ya. I would love to try this product to put some bounce back to my skin and put me back into the dating scene.

  15. Rob Francis says:

    I’m a guy and have put off buying skin care products because of the girly packaging and not being guy friendly. This looks like it’s gender neutral and I would like to try it before I go into a a store to get something

  16. Hey Rob- good call…it is really gender neutral (the packaging and everything) : )

  17. caroln says:

    anything to help with the signs of aging would be wonderful. I am in my mid 40’s and age is showing… The informercial was my fav part of the show

  18. Ty says:

    The infamercial was great and made me even more anxious to try this product. I’m 27 a new mom.Just realized beside all the things that could have possibly went wrong with deliver and recovery. I’m getting deep wrinkles, crow feet,bags and dark cirles. I never would have thought this would happen to me. My mother and father are in there mid 60’s and look like there in there 40’s and i’m young and slowly looking old. I need to stop this before it gets any worse. I know it’ll help get me emotionally back to myself when I can start doing things to help me get back to the young looking athletic, adventurous wife that I was.

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