Stay Fit On The Go With Makeover Momma Shape Up Week 3

* Makeover Momma Shape Up: Week 3

Do you have a hard time fitting fitness into your life? Week 3 of the Makeover Momma Shape Up presented a true challenge for me: how can you squeeze in exercise or healthy eating, when you’re constantly on the run? Since I was out of town at the Blogalicious 2010 conference for most of the week, I had to get creative with my workouts (using only my hotel room as inspiration) As you’ll see from this week’s exercises, all you need is your bed or a pillow for some truly “balanced” moves…

* Nutrition Plan: Following the Slim Fast 321 Plan while traveling proved to be a heck of a lot easier than I thought. Low calorie snacks, healthy dinners and portable shakes are the mainstay of this program, and a huge reason why I chose it for the Makeover Momma Shape Up (hello no cooking!) But the biggest reason is of course that it encourages moms to eat six, healthy meals per day to keep our metabolisms high (something that’s easy to forget when you’re on the run or feeling sluggish). I’ve given in to skipping meals a few times this week, and have quickly realized that I end up eating way more than I should later in the day (who knew my “bites here” and “bites there” could add up to so much?) It looks my metabolism needs me to get back on track, stat!

* The Cleanse: How can you cleanse on the go? Since the Dr. Natura cleanse is extremely simple (only digestive pills, powders and tea), it was just as simple to follow away from home as my nutrition plan (even if the word “cleanse” brings up creepy connotations). So far I’ve found the results comparable to a large coffee habit: a natural cleansing effect that doesn’t leave me feeling depleted in any way. Then again, it’s very important to drink tons of water as part of any healthy lifestyle (cleanse or no cleanse)…something to which I massively fail all the time!

You Can Try The Shape Up: If you want to try, get unlimited support by commenting on the post of the week, or sending messages to @makeovermomma. I’m here to help you and want us to do this together!

* Answer This: Are you going to try the Makeover Momma Shape Up?

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