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* Take The Boom Boom Challenge: Week 1

Last week we told you all about Boom Boom cards (the revolutionary cards that help families give back to others, and learn the power of intentional acts of kindness). Even though my family had a crazy week (so we only accomplished two cards along the way), my 4 year old and I had a fabulous time “paying it forward” (and now you can have a turn too)….

This Week’s Cards: This week we tackled the following cards….

1. Write A Letter To Someone Far Away: We chose to write a letter to the person we know would need it the most… my brother in Afghanistan. Kinley drew a family portrait for him and dictated her letter directly to us…. I’m sure it will be a pleasant surprise for someone who needs it the most.

2. Build A Family Fort Together: This card was interesting to me because it wasn’t just about giving back to our community, but more about giving back to our children themselves with un-interuppted play time (something they so rarely get). Watch the video above to see how much fun we had creating this fort…

Get Involved:

Do you want to be part of the Boom Boom Challenge? Check out the NEW cards we’ll be tackling next week, and have your family take the challenge by commenting in the post below. The first people to comment with their favorite card (in ascending order) will each receive the card, before passing the challenge on to the next family. Since each card can be registered online, we can all follow the story of the cards as they pass from family to family (how powerful is that?) Just remember to leave your email, so you can exchange cards from person to person.

New Cards: Join The Revolution

1. “Choose a night to turn off the computers, TV’s and cell phones, and spend the night as a family with out interruption”.

2. “Call a special relative just to say hi (and ask them questions about who they are)”.

3. THE WILD CARD: This card let’s you commit a radical act of kindness of your choosing. Be bold, daring, creative… it’s up to you!

Want To Try It Yourself? Since Boom Boom cards make the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer this year (showing the true message of the giving season), feel free to scoop up your own pack of cards today (either the Teen Cards or the Original Pack). Just click the button below… easy enough?

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* Answer This: What is the most powerful lesson your children taught you this week?

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