Start A Consistent Exercise Routine Like Laila Ali and Kyra Sedgwick: 1 Minute Makeover

Fit moms (like Laila Ali and Kyra Sedgwick) love a healthy amount of exercise…do you?

The Problem: You love doing workout DVD’s at home (instead of hitting the gym), but your usual rotation is getting old…

The Fix: We love workout DVD’s as busy moms, because they fit into our lives easily (whether during our kids naps or in small, mid-day intervals). Never-the-less, doing the same exercise routine over and over can stall out your workout routine (and make you crazy with boredom). Many moms are singing the praises of extremely intense workout programs (like Jari Love’s Get Extremely Ripped 1000! or Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred), but it’s important to not let yourself get burnt out by a routine that is too much for your current lifestyle.

Try rotating a very intense workout one day, with something that is slightly more fun (or shorter in duration) the next. Or try choosing a program that fit’s into your lifestyle from the very beginning (like Prevention’s 2 Week Turn Around DVDs, which alternate intermediate strength and cardio routines, that can be done easily at home, and are between 36 – 42 minutes in length). Remember, the most important part of a healthy lifestyle is patience and consistency (it’s better to workout a little bit every day, than to burn out all together). So make sure that no matter how many calories you’re burning, you’re having enough fun along the way to want to keep going!

* Sound Off: How often do you workout a week? What “routine” works for you?

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