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What It IS: Looks aren’t everything. Actually, looks mean absolutely nothing. Can I tell you how often I meet a super beautiful person who opens their mouth (or moves their hands), and they instantly become startlingly unattractive? That being said, there is something worth saying (redundancy!) for feeling good about yourself. As moms and busy women [no matriarchal status required], we never get to pamper ourselves, and feeling good in any form is often put on the back burner. So, enough is enough. Now is the time to indulge… free of charge!

What You Get: Win a complete head-to-toe product makeover with the #Spring2Summer giveaway! One lucky girl gets ALL of the products detailed below- all you have to do is share and comment. Easy, right? Go spoil yourself!

The Goods: The Experts Behind Your Makeover Experience

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* The Smile Makeover: Rembrandt Whitening

I have a love/hate relationship with my teeth. As a kid, I inherited my Dad’s “Why is he not British?” Michael Caine style personality and chompers, and had to endure years of unadulterated sexiness with braces, expanders and the like. I never wore my head gear because, I mean really… who actually wears it? But despite the medieval torture, I don’t have perfect teeth (even though I wear my clear retainer at night like a reformed little angel). Still, if there is one thing that makes your teeth appear improved it’s a white, sparkling smile. White teeth is like concealer for your cuspids: it hides all sins. And since my ivories get more abuse than they do loving (coffee runs in my veins), I am often met with exclaims of “How in the world are your teeth so white?” or “You don’t even drink coffee through a straw?” The occasional sloshing of old school baking soda and hydrogen peroxide aside, the biggest reason my dentition has detained as pearly and white as it is comes down to one word: Rembrandt. Unfortunately the Dutch painter has little to do with this, and rather my newfound adheration to their Peroxide Intense Stain Toothpaste and Stain Dissolving Strips.

If I tell you that the Peroxide Toothpaste shows immediate results (as in “brusha brusha brusha, see your smile white-a”), would you believe me? Get some belief. The Stain Dissolving Strips were possibly invented for a lazy ‘winsomeness practitioner’ such as myself, because I stick them on before I wash my face, take a bath, or do the dishes (just kidding on the last one- wanted to see if you were paying attention), and they dissolve within 10 to 15 minutes. I typically apply them every few days instead of daily because I’m trying to maintain a level of pearliness than irritate my gums… plus, I’m kind of forgetful. Anyways, if I could recommend any two tooth whitening products on earth (regardless of budget, time or effort), I would without a doubt suggest these. Why? Because I’ve seen results. I’ve gotten the compliments. And neither requires a lot of the afore mentioned triad [budget, time or effort]. Enjoy!

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* The Curl Makeover: L’oreal Paris EverCurl

To say my little girls have curly hair is like saying Amanda Bynes should be the next Secretary of State. While both my munchkins have tight, dread-prone spirals, my own beach-girl waves have gotten increasingly more curly in recent months (and I’m trying to blame it on anything other than age). Perhaps it’s needless to say that our bath-time process is very involved: lots of combing, wrestling, detanglers, conditioners and tears. Maybe this is why the new EverCurl line from L’oreal makes me literally giddy. It is sulfate-free which means strands stay soft, silky and full of bounce, without that dry frizz issue my hair adores (48 hours worth of moisture, to be exact). The 6 piece line contains a variety of miracle solutions including a Sculpt and Hold Cream Gel (worth it for the BB-cream-esque packaging alone) and the Silk and Gloss Duel Oil Care. I plan to continue spilling the “wavy haired beans” via Instagram and the like as the weeks go on because I think useage of this line means “onward and upward” for my stressed, strained summer locks. Am I the only one who’s this excited? Get excited!

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* The Makeup Makeover: The Makeup Guard Card

Like jumping on trends before they’re even set? This makeup tool company, Ollie Girl, is steps ahead of others with their brand new launch: the Makeup Guard Card. It allows you to go full Jackson P, abstract expressionist on your eyeshadow without making a mess. You can apply mascara to your lower lashes without getting the Jared Leto effect, or protect your concealer and foundation from eyeliner. And since it was Pollock himself who said “Painting is self discovery”, you can have an Eat Pray Love moment every morning sans fear of smudge or mishap.

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The Final Results: What You Do

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DON’T MISS: Keep an eye on my social channels for more details on the #Spring2Summer Facebook and Pinterest party next week (June 26’th) at 7 PM/EST! Yes, this just may be your first Pinterest party…it’s going to be fun, and TONS of winners!

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