Spice Up Your Closet For Spring: Fashion Spotlight

Ready for spring showers yet (like Tina Fey and Sarah Jessica Parker)? Fit your spring cleaning in fast…

Is it time to spring clean your closet? We’ve gathered up some fun new ways to spice up your closet for spring, and even make it smell better. We had Real Momma Joan give her Real Momma Recommendation for best way to refresh your wardrobe (literally):


* Joan Recommends: “This winter we moved from an old house in the country to an old house in a nearby small town. The house smelled old and musty and, well….”wintry”. I tried drawer and closet English rose perfumed sachets by Brown & Harris of England, assuming that it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Instead, I felt like I could finally welcome spring! These sachets filled my room with such beautiful aroma, that I almost expect to look out the window and see the roses in bloom in the backyard.

Want other ways to spice up your closet? Try some of these unique products from Open Sky…

* Jazz It Up: Bellarina Scarf from A Mom In Red High Heels

There is nothing like the effect a scarf can have on an outfit- instantly taking you from drab and dreary, to “put together”. Yet, since wearing thick, knit scarves isn’t exactly advisable in the winter, these beautiful, sheer Bellarina scarves are perfect to create a chic, comfortable look (plus, we love the name of the brand!)

* Carry It Around: HomArt Jute Totes from Southern Hospitality

If you hate wasting your money on super pricey purses, than you’ll love this chic, portable tote (only $15!) We think it’s perfect for busy moms who want to stick picnic supplies, sunblock and coloring books in one bag on a hot, spring day (without sacrificing their style in the process).

* Pack It Away: Shoe Stor 10 Pack Women’s Shoe Boxes from 2Slicks Good Times

Spring cleaning your closet is hard enough… but how often do you find piles of shoes smashed and forgotten in the corner? We love the idea of pampering our precious shoes (they’ll last longer, which saves you money) by protecting them in easy-to-stack boxes. Your closet will be organized, you’ll create more space (shopping trip, anyone?) and hopefully stop scrambling to get dressed in the morning.

* What is the number one tip for making spring cleaning easier?

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