Speed Up Your Metabolism With Multiple Mini Meals: Nutrition Momma Nutrisystem Diary

Have you ever want to eat small, mini meals to speed up your metabolism? The Nutrisystem diet uses this very concept to get results, and boasts their easy-to-follow plan with three simple steps: 1) Choose the plan that best fits your specific needs and tastes, 2) get food delivered to your door, and 3) eat healthy and loose weight. Sounds simple enough? It actually is. Following the Nurisystem plans lets you choose your own meals and menu, and eat almost anything you want (ravioli, pizza, hot dogs…and dessert every night). However, it’s important to approach any nutrition plan with a healthy balanced, approach (instead of falling “on” or “off” of diets).

If you remember, my husband Adam is going to be following the Nutrisystem Diet for a series of months, in an effort to drop a little bit of weight and revamp his approach to portion size. I will be trying to steal tips and tricks from his progress, and report back to my fellow mommas (so we can take a balanced approach to our nutrition at home). Learning about healthy eating is the key to never falling “off” a plan again, so hopefully this will help everyone learn about themselves, their needs and what works for them.

Want to know some of the best Nutrisystem meal options, and how can you create mini meals at home? Watch this video (above), and check out some of our contributor Michelle’s favorite picks below…

* For breakfast, enjoy a Cranberry Orange Pastry. A sweet zesty orange cake with the tanginess of cranberries. Even on a diet, you can still enjoy luscious pastries without the guilt!= 150 calories.

* It’s summer time, so that means lots of grilling (but dieting doesn’t have to mean ditching the grill). For dinner, dig into Nutrisystem’s Flame Broiled Beef Patty. This patty has the hot-off-the-grill taste everyone craves in the summer. Add a whole-grain roll and your favorite toppings and enjoy the summer season!= 90 calories.

* And who could forget about dessert. Dessert and dieting in the same sentence? Yes, please! Nutrisystem’s Chocolate Cake is
light, fluffy, and full of chocolaty flavor. Top it off with some fresh berries or a drizzle of fat free whipped topping and enjoy!= 160 calories.

Nutrisystem has over 150 meal options, all designed to fit your needs in a weightless program. With those many options, the combinations are endless and you’ll never get bored with the same meals day in and day out.

* Speak Up: How do YOU eat mini meals at home?

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