Spa Moments At Home — Beauty Contest Winners

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Want that new mom glow (like mother-of-twins Sarah Jessica Parker)? Find spa moments at home…

  Congratulations to our top 5 winners for the Exclusive Beauty Momma Contest, answering the question, “How do you create a spa moment during a busy day with the kids?“:

1. Ali (the first reader answer) won a full-sized Bikini Kitchen Booty Butter, a 3 month membership to the educational children’s website Jump Start, and a June Jacobs product! Here is what she said:

“I pop them in their chairs for a yummy lunch and soak my hands in some dishwater before tackling the dishes!”

    Our other 4 submissions will each win a jumbo sized, spa product from June Jacobs:

2. Lisa suggested, “Put on a face mask while doing the laundry!”

3. Elizabeth said, “I sip warm tea while the kids nap!”

4. Lucy explained, “I let my kids give me a facial. I sit back in a chair and let them rub my face lotion on me. Their soft little hands feel so good. If I’m lucky they might even rub some lotion on my legs.It’s a win/win situation…they love to pretend they’re “beauty people” and I love being pampered!”

5. Christina creates her moment- “I put on soft relaxing music while the kids sleep, light some scented candles, lay down one the couch and put a warm wash cloth on my face…..ahhh!”

   Thank you so much to our fantastic Beauty Mommas who submitted answers, and stay tuned for future Makeover Momma giveaways!

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