Socks Could Be The New Stilettos

Want sassy heels like Victoria Beckham and Madonna? Look for comfort…

Now that fall is here, it’s finally time to wear our favorite accessories: winter boots and daring stilettos (ok, on those rare days when we aren’t chasing after children). But even though socks are normally something you hide away from the world, they have recenty been front-and-center on runways as the latest fashion trend. Whether you’re looking for low cut socks (to wear under your heels or dramatic fall boots), knee highs or even toe socks: you can now wear them in style, with an added benefit (they massage your foot!)

How so? Check out Kushyfoot:

* Kushyfoot Microfiber Tights (3 pairs for $23.97)

These full-length tights come in five bright colors (black, red, cream, navy and gray). They are the perfect apparel under any fall mini skirt or sweater dress. Not only do they look amazing, but they also have a massaging sole (see, fashion doesn’t have to hurt!)

* Kushyfoot Flats to Go ($8.99)

Are you tired of wearing your painful heels home after a special occasion or night of dancing? Kushyfoot has solved your foot woes with these portable flats (made of soft pliable leather). They have an elastic back and 3-dimensional wavy sole that cushions and massages your foot (its like an inexpensive trip to the spa for your feet). They easily fold into a compact-like carrier, so you can keep them in your purse for dire situations.

* Speak Up: What is your favorite type of shoe for the winter?

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2 comments on “Socks Could Be The New Stilettos
  1. maria says:

    I use foot covers for certain heels and love them. Even my 10 yr old will wear them with her church shoes!!

    My fav shoes for winter are of course boots!! Casual or dressy, theyre always the go to shoe.

  2. New To Mom says:

    I can’t wait to wear my new booties. They have a 3 in heel! Just waiting for it to cool down so I can also wear my new Gap premium black pants.

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