Socks and Foundation Can Revamp Your Hair In 5 Minutes Or Less (Not Even Kidding)


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* Use Mineral Foundation For DIY Dry Shampoo: It’s no secret that I love mineral foundation (because I write about my life publicly perhaps? Fancy that!) But honestly, I really do and always have. After wearing it for so many years, I’ve found a ton of sneaky ways to use it, and lately have been loving Purely You Minerals because it’s cheaper than the Sephora-found brands, but just as good in quality. Hair aside, I’ve been using darker shades of their mineral bronzer to create a makeshift BB cream. Just mix equal parts mineral foundation (in a shade darker than your usual) with your daily lotion and a squirt of Bactine spray [to prevent breakouts], and apply as a base before foundation itself. If we’re talking follicles, I use a little bit of foundation minerals mixed with baby powder to create a DIY dry shampoo. It blends in better to my blonde highlights (or dark roots if using a darker shade) than simply white baby powder alone. Hate powder? Mix in a squirt bottle with a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and water for an equally efficient “no wash shampoo” option for oily strands. Impressed, yet?

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* Use Socks To Curl Your Hair Without Heat: I never have anything on hand to make myself look even mildly attractive (hair curlers, a working blow dryer- you name it). So recently I realized that super clean socks make the easiest hair curlers around. Just roll, wrap hair around and pin. You can do this either after styling hair to give it more volume, or while it’s still damp to create soft waves. Obviously the smaller the sock, the tighter the curl (yes, your kids socks might actually have some use since they always try to skip wearing them!) If you set your hair in the exact pattern of mine above, you’ll get some masterful volume as it was inspired by the same pattern of curling for Victoria Secret models.Or, if you have more time, more money, and would opt for a more semi-permanent effect you can make use of human hair extensions. Cool, right?

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* Use Braids And A Flat Iron To Get Speedy Fast Waves: I try to avoid putting a lot of heat on my hair to protect my strands, but this is a quick way to get waves without exposing them for long. Just put in a variety of braids when strands are damp (larger for lose waves, small for curly, and a variety for a super natural look), let it air dry, and then quickly “pat” a flat iron over each braid when you’re ready to take it out. As you can see, I went with kind of a big, 80’s crimpy look, but you can certainly style it differently. Either way, it was fast, it was easy, it was painless… and that’s definitely my favorite way to get ready.


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