Sneaky Spa Moment

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      Mother, maven, and three-name wonder Sarah Jessica Parker (above) may look as if she is hiding from the world…but her shiny hair surely cannot. Sure, the Garnier spokeswoman probably has a team of stylists at her beck and call (and shine), but believe it or not, busy mommas can get shiny hair in about three-four minutes…with only three-four dollars.

      Sneaky Spa Moment of the month can literally be found in one bottle: *Clairol Nice n’ Easy Colorseal Conditioner. The next time you jump in the shower (or stick your head under the sink, if you get as busy as we do!)- rub a quarter size amount of this affordable cult-favorite through your mane, wait three minutes, and rinse. If you combine it with a dollop of conditioner, your hair will be extra silky, shiny, and smooth for days…as if you got a salon worthy shine treatment (head massage not included).

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