Reduce a Puffy Face — Sneaky Spa Moment

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Double-trouble mothers Gwyn and Liv (we love first name basis here at Makeover Momma), look well-rested, hydrated, and simply glowing…but then again, they are also movie stars. The rest of us mortal mommas are faced with puffy eyes, puffy faces (and the Cheese Puffs hiding in the top cabinet.) Although celebrity mothers can go to private spas and sanctuaries for such puffy problems, you can create your own Sneaky Spa Moment at home with things found in your very own fridge.

The next time you are taking a bottle out of the fridge, try holding it to your eyes for 1-2 minutes to help reduce swelling. Another speedy trick is if you are pouring a glass of milk for your little one, try soaking a small wash cloth in cold skim or soy milk. While your baby is eating, place the wash cloth over your face for a few moments. This helps reduce redness of the face, eliminates blotchiness, and overall swelling. Who knew a bottle and milk could be so handy?

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