Sloppy Sweats Are My Number One Style Sin

Most of my mom life is spent as a “don’t”…

* Fashion Fix of the Month:

Some of you might not know this, but I’m a fabulous crook. I’m a criminal because I fool everyone into thinking I have a tiny amount of personal style by attending fashion events every few months and looking relatively presentable. But one of the many benefits of living in a small town (other than grannies on tractors and wandering cows in the road), is that no one has to see what I really look like when running errands or taking my kid to ballet. Ok, every person in the lobby of the dance studio knows just how “low I can go”…. but at least there isn’t photographic evidence.

That is, until now. Thanks to the first ever edition of “Fashion Fix”, I am calling myself out on my worst fashion offenses (believe me, there are plenty), and attempting to make myself over pronto. Why? Well first of all, I could use a little tough love when it comes to my increasingly lazy day-to-day wardrobe… but it’s also a lot easier to apply someone else’s corrections to your own closet, rather than be admonished yourself, right? So take these tips, apply them to your own life as you see fit, and feel free to chime in… how can I improve my Lazy Mom Outfit of the month?

My style crime caught on camera…

The Fix:

* Accessories Matter: In my defense, the outfit shown above looked much better in person, and wasn’t a complete failure since the husband couldn’t take his hands off me. The pros? Combining a lose shirt and longer skirt balanced out the small inch of torso showing (trust me, I’m no Britney Spears), because a tight-on-tight look would have been way too much. But my complete lack of cute accessories (including a chic pair of sandals and jewelry) or a more attractive cover up, left me channeling Big Love. The next time I want to wear this sort of look, I need to remember the details to avoid paying homage to Little House… agreed?

* Quit The Bagging: Even though I’ve lost all the baby weight from both my girls (in terms of an actual scale), things just don’t hang the way they used to… at all. I hate wearing tight clothes because I always feel like things bulge and bunch like never before… so why put myself through the 40-pairs-of-Spanx anguish? But this photo (taken by another mom during dance class) is living proof that baggy sweats do nothing for our figures…even if they hide us on our PMS filled days. Instead of concealing every resemblance of a human form, a slim fitting hoodie and long, lean athletic pants would have done me more justice.

* Craving Comfort:If I’m really wanting cozy clothes and accessories, I can find better ways to add pizzaz to my wardrobe. I’m loving Smushee flip-flops for my achy “ballet teacher feet”, because they contain soft, moldable beads that massage (but a pop of color if needed). Better yet, I’m not opposed to an artfully placed spring scarf (like these from FRAAS Scarf Company) if it’s made in a lightweight fabric.

What I Need:

* Speak Up: How would YOU fix this fashion?

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3 comments on “Sloppy Sweats Are My Number One Style Sin
  1. Sonia Webster says:

    WOW! Did you wear that out in public? Where do I start?
    1. That skit is wrong for so many reasons… toss it out.
    2. That sweater is too big and sloppy. Go for a more fitted cardigan.
    3. Stop wearing your little girl’s baby t-shirts.

    Sorry… You asked.
    I have seen you dressed up… so I know you’re a little hottie!

    But seriously… It’s my biggest pet peeve when women let themselves go and make their kids the excuse.
    I’m a mom of 2 (Gigi 7 and SeVonn 1). I also work full time (Science teacher). I never leave the house without make up or my hair done.
    I have one pair of flip flops, and I wear it when I will not be getting out of the car.
    I think that it not only makes me feel good about myself, but it also reminds my husband why he got with me in the first place.

    If women think their man does not care… they are dead wrong!

  2. Michelle B says:

    Well, I’m no expert by any means on fashion, but I think the skirt is too long for your frame.

  3. Brooksley B. says:

    I think the point of the post went over a few heads judging by the comments. She clearly was ripping herself for the fashion flub-up so cut her some slack! Most gals I know lack the mustard to call themselves out on anything they have in the closet no matter how bad it is, so bravo girl! We all know you can glam it up with the best of em’!

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