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* Makeover Momma Food Diary:

Even if the Makeover Momma Shape Up is over, there is still no reason to keep my personal thoughts secret (why start now, right?) This is why I’ve decided to spill the metaphoric beans by giving an inside look at my weekly nutrition (and hopefully prompting you to chat about yours!) So what is on the menu this week? Read on as I divulge my “high”s and “lows” (embarrassing as that may be)…

* Nutritional High of the Week: Since I’m continuing to follow the Slim Fast 321 Plan, my “highs” have been pretty frequent (meaning I’ve had a relatively healthy week). All I have to do is eat six small meals (2 SlimFast products, 3 “100 calorie snacks” and 1 healthy, well balanced dinner). The only big downside is that between the various classes my kids take and I teach, I have gotten rather lazy with creating fresh, nutritious dinners at night. I love grabbing a quick gluten-free Amy’s Kitchen meal when I’m too tired to cook (Cheese Enchilada or Rice Macaroni and Cheese are my favorites), but they would be made even better with some fresh produce (like a tomato or small salad on the side).

* Nutritional Low of the Week: My worst habit is continuing to want to skip breakfast in the morning (something that a cold shake certainly makes easier, but sometimes I’m simply lazy and stubborn). Of course snacking around throughout the holidays can also be tricky. Do you find yourself grabbing extra bites of pie, holiday cookies or treats throughout the day? Since a lot of what makes holidays seem so special is the food, it’s easy to get carried away when enjoying seasonal favorites (I’m the worst!) Lately I’ve been trying to reel my appetite for sweets in by having a couple Sugar-Free Fudge-sicles at night (to satiate my sweet tooth), while enjoying holiday treats in moderation on the weekends. Giving myself a stricter “schedule” with when I indulge can help keep me focused on what I’m eating (and the fact that not every ordinary Monday calls for holiday brownies). You dig?

Fitness Update: So I’ve shared my deepest, darkest diet secrets with you from the week… but what about fitness? Lately I’ve been having a bit of self loathing when it comes to my physical fitness and body (don’t we all), especially since I’ve always had such admiration for women who can transform their bodies completely (like female fitness models who compete in a figure competition or fitness competition). I’m not saying I’d ever want to “hulk out” like some fitness models (or would ever want to be any kind of model, let alone a fitness model), but I still wish that I had the time to commit to feeling truly amazing about my body. As a busy mom of two young girls, my priorities simply cannot lie with fitting in a certain dress size or looking perfect in a bikini (but rather with living a balanced, healthy life a la Eat Pray Love). What do you think: can motherhood and a “bikini ready” body truly ever mix?

* Sound Off: What were YOUR nutritional “highs” and “lows” of the week? Please share, ask questions or add suggestions!

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