Slim Down And Calm Down With Cha Cha Tea: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

You don’t have to be from (or live in) the U.K. to drink tea (like Gwyneth Paltrow and Catherina Zeta Jones)…Try this!

Makeover Madness Party Sponsor Cha Cha Tea $(7)

Do you need something to relax your body after a long day? It might seem impossible to rethink your coffee habit, but something as simple as switching to tea can actually help you lose weight, get more sleep and even ward of illness and disease (yes, really). Teas are filled with antioxidants that fight off free radicals (the stressors in our environment), which in turn equals a healthier, happier momma. It also helps lessen stress (and we always have plenty of that to go around).

And in case you need even more reason to switch to tea, Cha Cha Tea is USDA organic and fair trade certified (which means “you don’t have to feel entirely guilty you’re not driving a Prius and eating sushi with Alicia Silverstone 24-7″), and locally grown! Check out the graphic below for another reason to choose Cha Cha (it pretty much speaks for itself), or read up on their Organic Harmony brew (yummy):

Want another reason to love Cha Cha Tea? They are spoiling mommas nationwide as part of the Makeover Madness! If you want to try some for yourself (since June is National Iced Tea month), just use the exclusive code “Got Cha” at checkout (for $5 off a $20 order, through the month of June). Confused about hosting or attending a Makeover Madness party? It breaks down like this: a host and her 8 to 10 guests get one small item in the Makeover Momma shop ($7 to $13 each), and we ship them hundreds of dollars of free, full-sized products (over $850, to be exact).  Need more info? Just comment here.

* Answer This: How much tea do you drink per day?

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