Skincare That Has All The Sweet Without the Sin: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Need to get clear skin (like Nicole Richie and Jennifer Hudson)? Try going organic…

Makeover Madness Party Sponsor: Sweet P Luxury Skincare

Sweet P Luxury Skincare employs organic ingredients to create a skincare line bursting with creativity. Conceived by owner and artist Paula Morris, this line of skincare products serves Convention Bureaus, Spas, Resorts, Bridal Amenities, Massage Therapists, Corporate Gifts, Meeting Planners, Artistic Studios, as well as ordinary individuals (that would be us!)  Owner Paula Morris endeavors to create the perfect product and packaging for each of her clients (and guess what? She’s a momma too).

What makes organic products superior? They are made from natural ingredients without harmful and toxic chemicals (so they’re safe to share with your family, and you won’t pass anything to your breastfeeding baby).  Your body actually absorbs 60% of the ingredients you put on your skin, so it’s important to choose wisely (you would not purposely ingest chemicals, would you?)  Sweet P does not contain sodium laureth sulfide, phthalates, or plasticizers-only pure ingredients such as Organic Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, and Olive Oil.  Treat your skin to the healthy diet of Sweet P Luxury Organic Skincare (no guilty feelings needed!)

What makes this skincare line so sweet and irresistible?

* All seven fragrance collections and forty products are made with certified Organic and an Ecocert Preservative, which is safe for both humans and the environment (hoping to ensure that the world will be as beautiful for our children as it is for us!)

* Paula painted many of the pictures that adorn the labels for Sweet P’s Desert Essence Fragrance Collection.  She wanted to share the breathtaking sights, smells and sensations of the Sonoran Desert where she lives in Tucson.

* Sweet P offers a “Create Your Own Organic Gift Set” which allows customers to personalize fragrance products and assemble an array of products you need (such as Body Wash, Lotion, Whip and Sunscreen).

Here are some of our favorites:

* Everything Balm in a Tin ($12, from Makeover Momma)

Ever wish you could find a product that alleviated your skin, lip, hair, nail and foot woes?  Look no further: Sweet P’s Everything Balm in a Tin is your panacea for skin troubles.  Filled with nine Organic butters, waxes, and oils, this fabulous concoction seals in moisture, and can be used in tons of different ways:

* Hydrates cuticles (for a fast manicure when you’re on the run)

* Soothes diaper rash, rough elbows and knees, wind burn and chapped skin (for both you and your kids)

* Softens and conditions your eyelashes (no serums needed)

* Cactus Flower Facial Hydrating Mist ($15, from Kelly Tirman)

Do you ever feel fatigued and drained after a long day of running around with work, kids and errands?  Spray some of this glorious mist onto your face and savor this simple, mid-day pick me up (zero lattes required!)  It contains antioxidants that soothe, heal, protect, and hydrate your skin in addition to stimulating cell production.

* Jojoba Facial Sun Block ($6, from Environmental Booty)

One of the most important skincare products in your daily regime is sunscreen (both in the summer AND the winter!).  Sweet P’s Jojoba Facial Sun Block protects your face against UVA and UVB rays.  It is fragrance free and even moisturizes your skin!

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* Sound Off: What’s your favorite organic beauty product?

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