Six Products You’ll Be Shocked To Find On My Bathroom Sink

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The Vanity: I’ve never been a fan of being jealous of other women. First of all, it’s pretty much pointless (if it’s because of a dude… you’re better off without him anyways). Secondly, I’ve always thought if someone is doing something with which I covet… why not just heed their wisdom? This is why I’ve always been a big fan of asking ladies for their latrine-based logic when it comes to getting ready in the morning, and adopting their better habits as my own. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… right?

This is why I’m starting this brand new style of post which will feature some of my favorite gals and their assorted coquetry and/or countertops- thus allowing you to steal the best tips and products around… without having to appear a vandal. Stay tuned next week for new ladies, new lavatories, and new dish!

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The Scoop: Naturally, I’ll go first. These are my “buy tons of refills, use constantly, can’t get enough” everyday-isms that have inhabited my cabinet for years.

1. Hershey’s Cocoa Powder: Yes, I have chocolate in my bathroom (but I do not think it means what you think it means). Pourquoi? Because ever since I’ve dyed my hair back to it’s naturally dark shade, my regular baby-powder-as-dry-shampoo concept just isn’t working anymore. To avoid the Golden Girls and/or Marie Antoinette throwback (minus the fantastic Sophia C soundtrack), I’ve been mixing a dusting of baby powder with a dusting of cocoa, and massaging it through my roots when in between washes or trying to protect my strands from shampoo overkill. Best of all, my hair smells super awesome (and caloric). Yum

2. Baking Soda: Every so often I mix a dash of baking soda with a dash of toothpaste and go to town (on my teeth, that is). I’m telling you- it’s the cheapest whitening treatment you’ve ever had. Double points if you rinse your mouth with a mix of mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide (but only once in awhile. We don’t need to look like Ryan Seacrest here.)

3. Advil Liqui-Gels: Surprisingly, these are not to head off pains and aches (I have a small hospital downstairs to take care of that), but rather for my skin. I buy the generic versions, and pop one open with a blunt object (like my sense of humor) every time my complexion thinks we’re back in the 90’s and I’m watching Saved By The Bell/Boy Meets World/Clarissa Explains It All. Translation? If you are sporting a gnarly pimple prodigee, apply the inner contents of one of these bad boys to the area, let it sit, rinse it off later and watch the swelling subside. If it doesn’t work, repeat the following day and so forth.

4. Dr Denese Skincare Products: I posted about these recently after becoming an avid convert, and I’m almost at the point of bicycling door-to-door in my oversized suit to share the news. Are the products expensive? Yes. Could I afford them if I hadn’t been lucky enough to work with the brand at a recent, amazing Makeover Giveaway? Nerp. But am I now completely hooked and going to save for the best of the bunch every time I can? Heck yes. The serum and dream cream alone are worth the investment. My face has never been more clear! (Again, knock on wood)

5. An Electrical Outlet: I have a plug installed in my vanity. This way if I ever lose the lazy gene and decide to flat iron or curl my hair, I’m a millisecond away from “nose-to-the-mirror” brilliant femme-scaping the likes of which the latrine has never seen. Nor the privy has never been privy. Mind blow, I know.

6. Bactine and Proactiv: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Squirt your makeup brushes with Bactine everyday, and your mineral foundation and powders will go twice as far (with a fraction of the breakouts). Squirt it on your skin when you’re feeling hormonal… really, it’s a miracle product. I still use Proactic Daily Lotion, well, daily to keep my skin in check the rest of the time. Just a few dots on my T-zone and I’m good to go. If I run out of product and forget to apply? I pay a more annoying price than the price of ordering it on Amazon regularly and dodging a concealer-covered bullet.

Want more beauty inspiration? Check out products in action with the Visual Vice board on Pinterest. Dorks can be pretty too, right?

Speak Up: Have you tried any of these tricks before?

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