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The Food Makeover: Smoothies

   It’s the time of year when you and your family will inevitably be craving something cool, refreshing and tropical amid the hot, summer sun. Unfortunately, fruit smoothies can often be loaded with calories and sugar (even though we feel like it’s a healthy treat), so learn how to make this tasty favorite better for your body…

Make It Better:

Go Fresh: The best way to prepare a smoothie is by using as much local produce as possible, so scoop up a variety of fruit at your local farmers markets. If this is too expensive, try purchasing frozen varieties (their nutritional value is just as good!)

Get Frozen: If you hate cooking, chopping or anything remotely involving “prep work”, try checking out a simple product like Chiquita Banana’s new fruit smoothies. They are affordable (click here for $1 off), completely gluten and allergy free, last forever in your freezer,and are low in calories per serving. Blend with ice and water, and they make the perfect texture of smoothie…

Mix In: It’s tempting to blend smoothies with fruit juice, milk or sugary yogurts, but this adds additional calories. Keep calories low by blending with ice, low-calorie yogurts, soymilk, or sparkling, flavored water.

Do Research: The next time you enter a smoothie store or shop, make sure to ask for the calorie content of your favorite flavors (or look it up online beforehand). Try choosing a new favorite with the lowest amount of calories per serving…

* Do you have a healthy recipe for smoothies, or a suggestion for improving this summer favorite? Share with us!

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2 comments on “Simple Summer Smoothies — Speedy Food Makeover
  1. We also like to add hemp protein to our smoothies, and/or almond butter, and flax oil, to give my son some extra good protein and omega 3s. He loves it if we mix almond butter, banana, blueberries, a little hemp protein and a little flax oil, with organic apple juice.

    We can also get him to eat more greens (celery, parsley, even kale) if we juice them and add them to coconut water or with apple juice. It just tastes like a sweet treat to him!

  2. bailey says:

    I have tried hemp smoothies and love them! That is a great idea to mix almond butter (never thought of that), or to add juice from veggies into the mix… Are you a fan of coconut water?

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