Shrink Your Hips In 21 Days With The Lytess Challenge: Makeover Momma TV Recap

Did you miss Makeover Momma TV yesterday? No worries…we have the recap for you! Last night we talked about “Being Gorgeous Overnight”, and how mommas can use the late night hours to renew their skin, refresh their regimen and even look slimmer by morning (ok, maybe that’s a stretch). Watch the entire episode above, and look below for the inside scoop, links and details you might have missed… (Remember, it takes 50 seconds for the show to start, but you can always click ahead).

Who We Talked About:

* We showed you how to make amazing, fresh smoothies from Jamba Juice (without having to travel to the store!)

* We showed you the original FREEDOM bracelet design from our charity venture (for every item sold, we’re donating between 75 – 100% towards Fisher House). Style that supports military families? Perfect! Please check out the full post today for more info: Support Our Troops With Style.

* We also showcased our favorite overnight beauty products from L’oreal and Avon! Check out their websites for more!

The Giveaway

Thank you to Skin Authority (an amazing, luxury brand of skincare products), who surprised a lucky viewer with two decadent products. Want all the scoop on Skin Authority and what they gave away? Check out last week’s recap!

The Winner: Who won our Skin Authority giveaway on Makeover Momma TV? Congrats to Michelle B! Thanks to everyone else for entering, and stay tuned…we have NEW giveaways next week!

Sponsor Spotlight: Lytess

Have you heard of Lytess before? They are a groundbreaking company that is putting an entirely new spin (a slimmer, shrinking spin) on shapewear. In the past, we’ve always felt that shapewear is pretty pointless. It pinches, squishes and tugs our post-partum body until our otherwise tolerable shape looks down right horrible (and in-human!) This is why the concept behind Lytess is so genius. They use a combination of safe ingredients (like small doses of coffee and shea butter) to hydrate your skin, help cellulite and literally shrink centimeters off of your trouble zones. (So if you’re one of those mommas who considered rubbing coffee grinds on your thighs…now you don’t have to!)

Take The Challenge: For the next month, I will be taking the Lytess Corrective Slimming Duo challenge. This means I will wear their Correct Slimming Duo Belt (shown above) every day, all day, as much as possible during the week for 21 days. I will announce my starting measurements next week (and note if there has been any progress along the way). The average loss is 3.7 centimeters from the waist and 2.5 centimeters from hips (that ain’t bad!) Of course, no healthy lifestyle is complete without balanced eating and physical activity (so this is by no means a replacement), but heck…if it improves my posture and helps me look a little slimmer in my clothes: I’m not complaining!

* Sound Off: Would YOU take the Lytess challenge?

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