Secrets To Slimming Down Like Gabrielle Reece – Three Minute Body Tips

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   Newly fit mom Sherri Sheppard believes that “being held accountable” is what helped her get healthy, even though many moms feel working out is impossible without the perfect equipment, gym access or tons of time. It doesn’t matter what size you are or what resources you have, you can workout from home (or anywhere) with these quick tips…

1. Start Moving: If you don’t have any time to workout out during a busy mothering schedule, try fitting exercise into your lifestyle.Instead of driving during daily errands, strap the kids safely in to a bicycle seat or bicycle trailer, and begin peddling for weight loss. Don’t have the money to buy new equipment? Check out websites like Rent-a-Bike Now, to rent a two-wheeler within your area…

2. Fit It In Fast: If you only have 20 minutes per day to workout (and who has much more than that?), try taking the advice of Makeover Momma reader, Chrissy.“I love the new Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD, because it accomplishes everything I can’t seem fit into my routine… cardio, strength and abs.” Try using this short (but supremely effective) DVD when you get the chance. It will keep you from getting bored (with a fast paced, always changing routine) and get everything done at once.

3. Take a Break: If you’re a new mom who wants to get back in shape quickly, try checking out the new website from Gabby Reece (mother and fitness fanatic, shown at top). Honeyline for Women offers a 30 Days To Change Your Ways challenge, with daily workout videos, tips and tons of online support from other women. Want to train even harder, without leaving your home? Check out the Train 360 website, which gives you personalized workout plans, exclusive workout videos (demonstrated by Gabby Reece), routines you can download to your I-pod and more.

*Do you want to target a certain body part or improve your favorite exercises, in just three simple steps? Send in your comments, questions and suggestions!

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2 comments on “Secrets To Slimming Down Like Gabrielle Reece – Three Minute Body Tips
  1. Tavia says:

    Love the post. In the busy days we all should make an effort to find time for ourselves. I’m trying to walk as much as I can during the day and make some exercises at home.

  2. bailey says:

    Yeah, I love doing stuff at home… lately I do lots of jumping jacks and strength moves (push-ups or tricep dips) during the day- and by the evening, I’ve done a full workout!

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