Secrets To Getting a Facial Like Gwyneth Paltrow — Speedy Beauty Spotlight

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Moms like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez are know for using unusual skincare ingredients (like snake venom facials)… Would you?

Our fabulous NYC contributor, Kelley, recently received a facial from top London doctor Tami Meraglia, MD, for the launch of the new skincare line Planet Skincare. The event was hosted at the fantastic Vitality Medispa and Wellness Center, and Kelley said, “It was such a treat to sneak away from work that afternoon for a little pampering! It was a cold and windy day, so it was so nice to get snuggled under the blankets on the spa table and have someone rub rich cream into my face. Plus she gave me a little mini-neck message because she said I was way too tense in my neck and shoulders (which of course I was).”

Feeling jealous yet? Don’t worry, you can try the Planet Skincare products for yourself, and listen to what Kelly had to say…

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The Product: Anti-Aging Daily Moisturiser with Syn-ake Venom

What I Thought: “The cream is just rich and very moisturizing, but lightweight and not greasy (which is a huge plus for me). I hate any kind of moisturizer that makes me feel greasy! But my skin absorbs this cream really well and I also found that makeup applies over it really well, which isn’t always the case with face creams.And Dr. Tami told me how the serum has synthetic snake-venom in it!!! How crazy is that? When they where describing that to me I kept thinking “oh gosh, I don’t know that I want snake venom on my face!” But once they put the products on, my skin felt amazing.  It sort of tingled and I could feel my skin sort of plumping and firming.”

The Product: Instant Firming Serum With Pepha-tight

What I Thought:“All of the products are paraben-free of course [something I’ve been really interested in, lately]. And the products smell great!”

Although these products are a Splurge for most budgeted mommas, you can check out our Top 5 Best Drugstore Moisutizers For Your Skin.

* What Do You Think: What is the craziest ingredient you’ve ever used in a product?

*Credit: © Jamie McCarthy/ at Daily Makeover.

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