Secrets To Finding Your Signature Scent Like Jennifer Lopez — Real Momma Product Review

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 Have you been searching for that signature scent, which fits your personality perfectly? Even mom Sarah Jessica Parker has expressed her adoration for her favorite perfumes, saying “I wear my perfumes religiously”. We asked mom (of two girls) Rachel, to test out the latest from Kenzo, and see if it was her signature scent…

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The Product: Flower, by Kenzo

What I Thought: “I think this perfume is targeted towards someone more sophisticated than myself. My husband loved it, but I was expecting “Flower” by Kenzo to smell… floral. It’s a musky, powdery, complex perfume that I might come back to when I’ve grown up a bit more!”

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Want more ideas about which perfume to choose? Purse Buzz (a fellow Beauty Bloggerati) has a host of suggestions for the winter season (which may be pricey for the average momma, but could be the perfect gift to request for the holidays). 

*Let us know: What kind of perfume do you prefer? Sophisticated…youthful…exotic?

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