Secrets To Eating Healthy In Any Season- Real Momma Reader Tip

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Want to sip and eat smart, like busy moms Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner? Try this…

A lot of moms eat healthy during the summer season (because of hot weather, fresh produce and skimpy clothing), but have a hard time transitioning into Fall (the comfort food season). Try using the summer season as nutritional inspiration (no matter what time of year), with Real Momma Julie’s helpful tip…

What I Love Right Now: My Favorite Tip this month is to remember the word “SUMMER” when considering nutrition.  S – start balancing your diet, U – use your skills as a chef, M – monitor your portions, M – make small substitutions, E – eat with meaning, and R – relax! Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but having acronyms has always helped me (and I typically forget to use them outside of the classroom in daily life!) Plus as the weather is beginning to change, it’s a healthy way for us busy moms to keep ‘summer’ on our minds all year long!”

* How do you eat healthy during Fall and Winter? Let us know!

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