Sculpt Your Body With Sculptz: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Wish you could pull of dresses like this (Jada Pinkett Smith and Sarah Jessica Parker?) It’s easy…

Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight: Sculptz

Do you want to know how to look slimmer without losing any weight? The answer is Sculptz legwear and hosiery. This company has created a line of intimates that suck your body in and provide a slimmer and more beautiful you (yes, that includes that time of the month when you’re holding enough water to fill a large swimming pool). The hosiery can create smoother and tighter curves of your thighs and tummy so you can wear those scandalous skintight dresses with confidence (or heck, even feel like you can exhale slightly when you’re in a tank top). The bodysuits also suck in your stomach and highlight the curves you love… so you look like you… but, well…slimmer!

What You Can Get For Your Makeover Madness Party: Our Daily Chocolate Rose Bud Earrings

The perfect sort of earrings add an air of class and sophistication (and are small enough that your toddler isn’t tempted to pull them out). That’s why we think Our Daily Chocolate rose bud earrings are perfect (for hot summer months and motherhood in general). They come in red, green, cream, butter yellow, pink, black, lilac and turquoise. And they’re completely hand-made with silver plated backgrounds. If you normally spend $10 on cheap earrings from a local shop at the mall (which we admittedly do), wouldn’t you rather spend a mere $10 for a hand made, beautifully crafted statement piece?

* Sound Off: What do you look for in shape wear? How much do you normally spend on earrings?

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