Savor Indulgent Holiday Foods Like Nicole Richie and Demi Moore: Makeover Momma Q & A

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Demi Moore and Nicole Richie are striving to give up their former extreme dieting, and embrace more sensible, balanced eating..

It’s that time of year again (the time of year where huge meals, tasty splurges and highly caloric food items seem to wait around every bend)…and you want to indulge. It’s ok! Makeover Momma’s should always understand the concept of the “worthwhile treat” (letting yourself enjoy the things you love in moderation, as long as you can balance it out later through nutritious eating).

We asked our favorite Open Sky food bloggers what their “worthwhile treats” will be this year, and here is what they said…

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1) Tina with Carrots N’ Cake says, “Everything! I love pecan pie in a weird way! It’s really hard to just eat small piece!” Shop Carrots N’ Cake: The Garmin Forerunner 305 Personal Trainer watch is perfect for pealing off post-partum (and holiday food eating) pounds.

2) Kath of (the aptly titled) Kath Eats says, “My favorite holiday treat is totally egg nog on Christmas Eve. Heavily spiked! Oh, and also BOURBON BALLS! Shop Kath Eats: Her Nuttzo Omega-3 Multi-Nut butter is the perfect way to get protein and nutrients (without tons of calories).

3) Chef John from Food Wishes recommends “these intense chocolate cookies, from Michele’s Chili Chocolate Cookie recipe“. Shop Food Wishes: His Cuisinart ice cream maker is easy, affordable and produces tasty results.

4) Greg from Sippity Sup has an old standby response, “These sweet potatoes have lots of butter and cheese and caramelized onions.” Shop Sippity Sup: His recommended book “The New Thanksgiving Table” is perfect this time of year.

5) Amie of The Healthy Apple says, “My favorite holiday dessert is my very special Pumpkin Bread Pudding…it’s a huge hit at the turkey table on Thanksgiving in my home!” Stay tuned on Open Sky for more from The Healthy Apple’s store!

6) Nancy from Dark Horse Farm Designs loves, “My mother in law, Clarita, was Mexican. We have had full on Mexican Thanksgivings in the past, (smoked turkey enchiladas, etc…) but now we give her a shout out with one side dish and a few toasts. The side dish is Sweet Potatoes with Chipotle Cream.” Shop Dark Horse: Her Ateco cake decorating set can be fun for you and the kids!

7) Kelly from Kelly Tirman website says, “My two favorite Thanksgiving treats are personalized doggie bags for my guests and turkey enchiladas the day after“. Shop Kelly Tirman: One of her favorite Me + Mi Publishing books (“My House”) is a great way to help your kids be thankful for their home (while learning Spanish!)

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8 ) Sarah with SJ Gourmet adores, “Creamy cheesecake with a cranberry-chambord sauce, yum!” Shop SJ Gourmet: Her Kaiser Bakewear pans create perfect, decorative desserts.

9) Cyndi from Yes You Can Grill wrote a wonderful post encouraging everyone to try their hand at grilling this holiday season: “Barbecue Master: Break Out The Barbecue Grill For The Holidays“. Shop Yes You Can Grill: We wish we could try her Cobb Outdoor Cooker!

10) Sharon from Bird Chick had a clever recommendation for her favorite bird food (that means don’t eat it ladies!), with her fantastic Favorite Holiday Recipe For Birds (how cute is that?) Shop Bird Chick: Her Wingscapes Birdcam is just about the coolest way we’ve ever hoped to watch wildlife with our kids.

11) The Bachelor Guy has a suggestion we know our men (and crazy relatives) will love, “Every year I make this insane Irish Whiskey: 4 eggs, whipping cream, condesned milk. It’s all there.” Stay tuned on Open Sky for more from the Bachelor Guy’s store!

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Megan Munchie’s Chai Apple Cider Spice Cupcakes…

12) Megan from Megan Munchies “My favorite holiday treat is my Chai Apple Cider Spice Cupcakes.” Shop Megans Munchies:  The Oxo Potato Masher is affordable and ideal for large seasonal meals with the family (let your kids lend a hand!)

13) Corey from Zesty Cook said, “My favorite holiday treat has to be sticky date pudding with caramel sauce.” Shop Zesty Cook: The Back To Basics Egg-and-Muffin Toaster (and Egg Poacher) is so adorable, it’ll make holiday breakfast tasty and fun.

* Speak Up: What is your favorite holiday recipe, when you need a treat in the flash?

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3 comments on “Savor Indulgent Holiday Foods Like Nicole Richie and Demi Moore: Makeover Momma Q & A
  1. Cyndi says:

    Great post with lots of details and info. Thanks, Cyndi

  2. Sonia says:

    Apart from cupcakes at Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea, NYC, I really adore Dr. Klauer’s Everyday Nutrition shakes…almost milkshake-tasting & good for you!

  3. Bailey says:

    Yum, I should try those. I LOVE shakes- especially when I’m running out the door (forgetting to eat), and have no time to cook

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