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I don’t own a wallet or pair of sneakers (and I haven’t for years). On any given day my husband can be griping “why don’t you own a wallet?” as I’m rifling through piles of cards in my purse pockets, or saying “just throw on some sneakers” as we’re heading out for a walk… but to no avail. Even though my response is always something along the lines of “well if you want me to have one, buy me one”, money isn’t always just the issue… it’s mainly the fact that I don’t like either!

Personally, I’ve always felt like wallets are just another item to keep track of in your purse (and they’re almost always too small for my mountains of coupons and discount cards), while sneakers are usually bulky and uncomfortable. There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of sneakers that make your calves look twice as big, while giving you blisters in 20 seconds flat (and in case you can’t tell, this has been my general experience). Due to all of the afore mentioned negative facts, I decided to push myself out of my comfortable comfort zone, and try out the two items that I use the least (aside from a push-up bra).

* True Balance Toning Sneakers

Despite my usual avoidance of any form of sneakery footwear, I was genuinely excited to try the True Balance sneakers because I heard they can help you burn 10% more calories per day (and that can really add up). Even though I’ve tried “fitness shoes” in the past, they’ve always been a lot like most sneakers: big, bulky and awkward. This is why I literally gasped when I saw the True Balance shoes…. they were light, they looked like every-day sneakers (no alien inspired design or circular sole) except they were ten times cuter.

And in case you didn’t notice in the video, my girls adored their New Balance kids sneakers (around $45). My eldest swore that she could run and jump faster, perhaps because she’s so used to flimsy, cheap shoes that don’t support her feet effectively (and maybe because she’s 4 and ever-so-slightly insane). Regardless of the reason, I realized how much it pays off to truly take of your kids feet with supportive, comfortable shoes.

* Milly Wallet Clutch from Shop Suey Boutique

Do you remember how last month I showed you my amazing Christina Satchel purse from Shop Suey Boutique? I figured the best way to get over my neurotic and inexplainable laziness towards wallets was by going back to Shop Suey, since they’re surprisingly affordable considering the quality of their items. As usual, I was pleasantly surprised with the luxe, lavish appearance of this wallet in person, and really loved the size (it’s truly like a small clutch). It’s the perfect size to hold my copious amounts of cards and coupons without weighing down my purse (I tested it), but it also makes a fabulous impromptu clutch when I feel like skipping the big bag all together. And remember, if you use the code “momma” while shopping on Shop Suey, you can get 20% offer your order thanks to Makeover Momma…. so take advantage!

* What Do You Think: What item would YOU want to buy on Shop Suey Boutique? What kind of sneakers do your kids use?

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