Save Money On Holiday Shopping With 12 Days of FREE Products

Do you want to save money on holiday shopping? Even though it’s almost time for our seventh month of Makeover Madness parties, I have decided to change things up in honor of the holiday season. For this month only I’m kicking off a brand new idea (perfect for anyone who wants to get more for their money): The 12 Days of Makeovers.

How It Works:

* Every day between November 15’th and November 26’th, I’ll be showcasing a special brand on Makeover Momma. Each brand has agreed to spoil you this holiday season by offering up a small amount of FREE, full-sized products as giveaways.

* All you have to do is be one of the first women to buy a small item in the Makeover Momma shop that day (even if it’s only $5), and you’ll snag one of the free products (most totaling $60 or more!)

* The shopping kicks off at 10 AM/EST & 7 AM/PST (that way all time zones are included, and no one has to wake up at 5 AM to buy their item).

* Be sure to make your purchase on the day that corresponds with your favorite brand (or heck, you can buy something small every day and get tons in return!)

* Send an email once you’ve made your purchase, so we can ship you your free goodies immediately! (

* Keep an eye on the Makeover Momma Twitter (@makeovermomma) and Facebook page, as well as this post. As soon as the free products, fashions and healthy living items have been snagged for the day, I’ll announce it immediately. So act fast, you don’t want to miss them!

For 12 days you can “buy one” (even if it’s crazy cheap) and get something amazing for FREE. Check out the list of fabulous brands and items below (most in the $60 to $80 range, which is a very good investment if you’re only spending a few bucks!)  And be sure to tell your friends and family, because this is the perfect way to get an extra gift or two for your kids, your loved ones or yourself (without actually paying for it). Pretty cool, right?

12 Days of Makeovers Giveaway Schedule:

Buy something in the Makeover Momma shop and get one of these in return..

* November 15’th: Nephria Jade Beauty products is giving away 3 of their decadent serums (valued at $76.50 each).

* November 16’th: LuShae Jewelry Designs is giving 3 online gift cards for beautiful jeweled earrings, promise rings or diamond pieces (valued at $74 – $78 each).

* November 17’th: Sprayology is treating 3 ladies to the amazingly popular Sleep Eaze products for the stressful holiday season (valued at $22).

* November 18’th: Nuttzo is treating 3 of you to their Peanut Free full-sized jars of gluten-free, all natural nut butter (which has more fans than Lady Ga Ga, and is valued at $17).

* November 19’th: Feed My Skin is spoiling 8 amazing gals to their chilled, skin perfecting Holiday 4 pack (valued at $25). You can even customize if you which handmade scrubs you want: strawberry, chocolate, mango, banana, peppermint, sugar cookie or gingerbread!

* November 20’th: Skin Authority is offering 3 women their potent skincare products which prevent and diminish the signs of aging (with an average $40 or more value!)

* November 21’st: Suave Naturals Limited Edition Holiday Body Wash is giving away 3 gift sets (which contains Candy Apple Luscious, Holiday Pear Refreshing, Peppermint Bliss Shimmer and Toasted Vanilla and Sugar Indulgent body washes!)

* November 22’nd: Your Best Face is treating 5 women to anti-aging skincare sets using unique, breakthrough ingredients (valued at $100 each! Good golly, that’s a deal, right?)

* November 23’rd: EVLooks Eye Candy Soothing Eye Coolers is pampering 3 of you with their cucumber inspired eye coolers (perfect to combat puffy, tired eyes during the holidays).

* November 24’th: This Is It is offering 3 beautiful Journaling Within notebooks (which Makeover Momma friend Michelle has been raving about in posts since she purchased one from the shop!)

* November 25’th: Acacia is helping you work off that Thanksgiving meal, by giving 3 women 6 brand new fitness DVD bundles (yes, 6 brand new releases…woohoo!)

* November 26’th: Hard Candy is rounding off our celebration with 10 holiday makeup sets up for grabs (be the first to try their NEW collection!)

* Speak Up: What do YOU want the most during the 12 Days of Makeovers?

Makeover Mommaâ„¢ occasionally receives cosmetic products for review, with no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand. Receiving products has absolutely no influence over our recommendation of any particular product.

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7 comments on “Save Money On Holiday Shopping With 12 Days of FREE Products
  1. Jamie S. says:

    I think it would be nice to see the item up for grabs and maybe have your link right next to each day or somewhere close so I can quickly get there and buy my small item. Thanks so much for all you do!

  2. Thanks Jamie… you’re so right (I’m having such a blonde morning!) I just added the Shop link just above the schedule of products, and I’m adding additional photos now.

    Plus, every day I will be doing a new post just about the “brand of the day” so you can see the item in action… : )

  3. krystal giannetto says:

    everything looks so good!!

  4. maria says:

    i wish open sky takes paypal…that would be great for me so I’m not too tempted to buy too much with my cc ! lol

  5. Shanda McCray Hansen says:

    I want those earrings!!! Beautiful! You know how I like the danglies. The scrub looks awsome too!

  6. Jamie S. says:

    I feel the same exact way maria if it took paypal I would of been able to get more people to buy an item for my party.

  7. That’s an awesome suggestion. I’ll email them today and ask if they’re on their way to making OpenSky Pay Pal friendly…thanks guys!

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