Save Money on Fashion Trends From Fall 2010 Fashion Week: Fashion Spotlight

Moms like Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes gear up for New York Fashion Week (and lots of snow!)

Today is the start of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, and Makeover Momma is thrilled to be reporting from the (stiletto-wearing, false-eyelash-loving) trenches! Next week is our bi-annual Makeover Momma New York Fashion Week (an entire week of the latest and greatest fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends), but this year we are collaborating with The Open Sky Project to truly bring you the best.

Open Sky is so excited about their fabulous presence backstage and behind the scenes at Fashion Week, that they’ve put together an exclusive Fashion Week Promotion (which lets you get 25% off all fashion and beauty items, specifically chosen by blogging experts). Just go to the page, fill in your email before the end of fashion week (February 18’th), and you will receive a personal coupon for any of these exclusive fashion week items!

* We love these exquisite Bambako Headbands from Happy Hour Mom (they could make even the worst hair day look beautiful!): $21.79

* This White + Warren – White + Warren Cashmere Wrap (from The Jet Set Girls) is a splurge, but can be worn in many different ways: $272

* Which item do YOU want the most from the Open Sky Fashion Week Promotion Page?

Credit: ©  People and Open Sky

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