Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth (And Make Your House Smell Good) In A Flash…

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away….but it’s also a great way to kiss up to your teacher! So what if your teacher is your mom? On this special homeschool edition of Makeover Momma TV, I share my personal experiences with homeschooling children, as well as quick and easy learning tips for all kinds of families. There is something for everyone in this special school episode…so click above to see for yourself!

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Exclusive Offers: Weight Watchers Coffee Cake

Did you want a chance at tasting the brand new Weight Watchers Coffee Cakes? Well, you should of watched Makeover Momma TV live last night (kidding, kidding…. I think). Even though I personally eat gluten-free, these coffee cakes are quickly becoming the favorites of the gluten-full women in my family (especially my mom!) They are only 120 calories a piece, with a sweet cinnamon filling and tons of fiber to get you going in the morning. Plus, they’re perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth when you’re craving dessert (trust me, real coffee cake has many more calories inside).

But if you aren’t much of a cake person, you can go the GF route and try the variety of Weight Watchers cheese sticks. Since I have a major string cheese addiction (I could eat an entire bag in one sitting if I let myself), their mere 50 calories is a pleasant surprise. If you don’t like the “work” derived from “stringing” your cheese (personally my favorite part), you can opt for their Colby Jack or Cheddar cheese sticks instead (perfect snack for your kids, no?)

Product of the Week: Scentsy’s “Jumpin’ Jelly Bean” Smell and “Dotty” Warmer

It’s no secret that I like Scentsy. Every person who enters my house hears the same story (as if Scentsy and I are college sweethearts): “I used to hate candles until I found Scentsy. It doesn’t burn my kids, can’t start a house fire and always makes my home smell like someone cleaned it”. By the time innocent bystanders leave my abode they’re 100% Scentsy converts and find themselves mysteriously repeating the phrase: “who needs a maid when you’ve got Scentsy?”

Even if you think you’re too cool to drink the sweet-smelling Scentsy Kool-Aid, you can’t resist the latest scent of the month: Jumpin’ Jelly Bean. It won’t make your house smell like a giant Easter basket (so no worries), but the adorable “Dotty” Warmer of the Month is bright, yellow and frilly enough to make you feel like you’re about to hunt for eggs. Can you think of a better way to celebrate the spring season?

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One comment on “Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth (And Make Your House Smell Good) In A Flash…
  1. Michelle B says:

    Is this where we comment to win the prize? I totally love the blueberry cheesecake or whatever it’s called. It reminds me of blue berry pancakes!

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