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   The winter season typically presents an onslaught of reasons to miss daily workouts. Whether the cold weather, baked goods or gifts to wrap, it can be easy to fall completely off the fitness bandwagon. Luckily, at Makeover Momma we believe a healthy lifestyle needs to fit your life (and not the other way around), so try remembering that every little step counts when it comes to fit living…

Baby Steps To Winter Fitness

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Set an Example: Take Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Williams lead (see above), and move throughout the day whenever possible. Take your children for winter walks to see decorations and lights at nearby houses, or stroll to a local cafe for a cup of hot chocolate, instead of driving.

Get Outside To Play: If your children want to sled in the snow, build snowman or collect fire wood, promise yourself that this winter season you’ll get your hands (mittens) dirty too. Simply taking 10 minute breaks from your busy holiday activities (2 to 3 times per day) to make snow angels, run around with kids, or build forts, will burn more calories than sitting on the couch watching Elf for the fifth time.

If You Hate Cold, Stay Warm: We admire those superhero moms who bundle their children up in strollers and hit the pavement in 30 below weather…but we aren’t one of them. If you know that cold weather will deter your workout schedule, then stay warm indoors instead. Try setting an alarm to ring three times per day, and stop everything (for 5 to 10 minutes) to pump out jumping jacks, squat jumps, step ups, or dropping down for push-ups.

Jam To Seasonal Tunes: If your kids love holiday music, try taking a few breaks per day to dance around with them in your home (Alabama Christmas, anyone?) Small movements like dance breaks or 5 minutes of push-ups (mentioned above) may seem like nothing, but little bursts of activity will burn calories throughout the day that you never would have been burning.

Get Up and Get Moving: Simply trying to move during sedentary holiday activities can add up to more calorie burn than usual. Help your spouse carry boxes of decorations, get outside and hang up seasonal lights, or walk to pick out or cut down your seasonal tree (like Sarah Jessica Parker, above). If you’re spending most of the day slaving away in the kitchen, try checking out the Makeover Momma Cook Time Circuit workout, or simply use small soup cans or water bottles to do strength training in between recipes.  

*What is your favorite way to workout during the holidays?

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