Rock A Skirt or Dress In The Winter Like Reese Witherspoon and Liv Tyler: Fashion Trend Focus

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The Trend: Wearing a short dress or skirt in the winter.

Showing your legs in the cold winter weather is a tricky concept (and should be handled with care). Try pairing a loose, winter appropriate dress (like Liv Tyler’s black ensemble) with boots (leaving no more than 2 inches of bare skin exposed), or simply add solid, lean tights to this ensemble. If you want to really play around with your legs in the winter, try re-using a summer skirt and T-shirt (like Reese Witherspoon’s navy outfit), but pairing with winter ready tights and booties. And when in doubt? A nice pair of ankle-length leggings (or skinny jeans) can work wonders layered until a flattering, fashion-forward dress or tunic.

And guess who won the designer August Silk sweater, from “Get Victoria Beckham’s Style With Winter Sweaters” giveaway? Congrats to CMac, who said she would pair this sweater with: “A great pencil skirt and a Victorian blouse (think ruffles in the front). Toss on some heels, and I think that sweater would look gorgeous at the office!”

* Trend Sound Off: Would YOU ever show your legs in the winter?

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