Hot Weather Workouts — Revamp Your Routine

                 Summertime can be the ultimate buzz kill for a healthy exercise routine. Although we want to stick to our workout routines, most parents would never want to endanger their little ones by dragging them outside in the blazing heat, so they let their good intentions fall by the wayside. Worry no more: here are some ideas for staying safe and slim in the heat:

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                                                  Active mother of two, Denise Richards, stays cool while exercising.

  • Watch the Clock- If you exercise outdoors and the sun is blazing, try working out at the coolest beautiful parts of the day instead: sunrise or sunset. Your skin, body and calendar just may thank you for this change in routine! While you’re at it, try taking a different route than usual, to work new muscles and revitalize your habits!
  • Make Friends with Water- Although you should be drinking plenty of water when exercising in hot weather, you also might want to try getting in for exercise. Try joining or “borrowing” local pool access from a friend, and take your workout to the shallow end! Aim to rotate one of the following three exercises for a minute each, until you’ve reached a total of 20 leg-toning minutes:
  1. Jog lightly in the shallow end.

  2. Hold onto the side of the pool and kick your feet quickly behind you.

  3. Jump up and down like a pogo stick (making sure to squat deeply with each landing to tone your lower half).

You will probably break a sweat…but you just won’t know it!


  • Stay Indoors- If going outside under the hot sun is completely unappealing, then why not try zipping by your local (air conditioned) library, and renting some workout videos. Replace your typical outdoor routine with a challenging or motivating video (you will work new muscles and reap new results!)  

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8 comments on “Hot Weather Workouts — Revamp Your Routine
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  4. Pretty says:

    I absolutely love working out in nice weather, but unfortunately in the UK this was supposed to be a really nice summer but unfortunately raining almost everyday! so gave up and bought a treadmil.

  5. Anu Malhi says:

    Love the concept of trying new things! im so bored of the same old regime at the gym and have changed my Personal Trainer at least 3 times over the last 2 years, maybe its just a change of exercise type i need!


  6. jennifer says:

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  7. Pretty well said..!!!!


  8. Rozina says:

    Great idea but in the UK, hot weather is very, very, very rare! Oh well, the gym it is!!

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