Hiking Outside For Exercise — Revamp Your Routine

     As the warm weather months begin to dwindle and the temperatures drop, try getting outside on the weekends for a few final days of fall and fresh air. Makeover Momma’s know that every step counts (and workouts shouldn’t be repetitive), so try gathering up the family and hitting the trails.

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                                           Take working out into your own hands (literally), like always active mom Jen Garner.

  • Check out websites such as American Hiking, which provide resources and information on hiking safely and efficiently.
  • Find local trails near your city by entering your information on websites like Local Hikes or Trail Link, which help locate paths nearby.
  • If you don’t live near mountains or hiking areas, try walking a local track in your city with friends (with baby in a stroller), and stop to run the bleachers with each lap. This lets you and your little one breathe fresh air (while toning your glutes), without driving miles away.
  • If all else fails and you simply can’t make it outside for a hike, try hitting the treadmill (if you are a member of a health club with a nursery) and increasing the incline every 30 seconds. After reaching the maximum, slowly lower…and repeat again!
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