Reuse Your Warm Weather Clothes, Winter Be Damned


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The Look: Need an excuse to wear your summer tops and bathing-suit cover ups in the winter? What about your spring-time shorts? We poor people know how to use our clothes year round (even my summer tube tops and short shorts)! A week’s worth of outfits using only a handful of pieces (as usual, balletic poses entirely optional).

The Week


Grey sweater + Black skinny jeans + Sparkly ballet flats + purple layered tank


Tribal summer tube top + Black skinny jeans + Peach cardigan + Knee-high boots


Grey sweater + Black shorts + Sparkly Flats + Peach cardigan + black belt


Tribal summer top + black t-shirt + Black shorts + Knee-high boots + (optional) black belt

Follow on Pinterest and I’ll try to get a better mirror and photography skills. That is, once my kids stop wearing pajamas out in public and talking in tongues (so it might be a while).

Let Me Know: Which outfit would you wear the most?

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