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A Coldstone birthday cake… completely free of cake!

Makeover Mommaâ„¢ loves to find new and fun restaurants where children (and mommas) can enjoy their favorite treats, without worrying about allergies or food aversions. (Of course the decadent treats found at Coldstone Creamery are not low in calories for the Nutrition Momma, but we still recommend a small indulgence once per week to avoid feeling deprived!)

How to Be Allergy Free: Cold Stone Creamery may seem like an ice-cream franchise that doesn’t cater to the allergen-free diner, but in actuality they are more than willing to aid in the needs of their customers. If the consumer presents themselves clearly, they may even personally educate staff on the risks and criteria for serving allergen-sensitive diners to better facilitate a future Cold Stone purchase.

Ice Cream Options: The Cold Stone website offers an allergen list to help you stay informed on which ice cream flavors and toppings are gluten-free, casein free or nut free. Take the time to study or print this list prior to your visit, and be ready to try flavors like Coffee, Black Cherry, or seasonal Dark Chocolate Peppermint ice cream (safely!) Better yet, study the Cold Stone “Mix In” list to be aware of what toppings are safe.

What Consumers Can Do To Help: Although Cold Stone Creamery Company offers an allergen list, the store still presents a large risk of cross-contamination. Keep yourself safe by arriving prepared, and politely explaining your personal needs to the staff. Try asking if they can scoop your ice cream from a fresh container in the back, use toppings with wrappers still intact, and taking extra care to clean the mixing tools. The staff may even be willing to mix the ice cream and toppings in a separate clean container.

* Want your favorite restaurant reviewed for allergy, low fat or low calorie needs? Have you had a wonderful dining experience you want to share? Let us know!

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    Not bad… Not bad.

  3. Brianna says:

    They’ve been wonderful for the food allergies we have!

  4. Pretty says:

    That cake looks nice, reminds of the film where the headteacher makes this kid eat a big cake,,, what was the name of that film?! gonna bug me now!


  5. Tiffany says:

    Children always like ice cream

  6. Bailey says:

    And Moms (ok….me)

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    What kind of cake exactly is that? I want to get the same one

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