Replace Meals Without Replacing Vitamins: Make It Better

Want to live a healthy lifestyle (like active moms Kate Beckinsale and Kate Hudson?) Try this…

You Love: Choosing high protein bars and low calorie drinks, instead of meals…

Make It Better: Yes, it’s definitely tempting to grab a quick, low calorie meal replacement when you’re in a hurry as a busy mom, but most moms forget to focus on what kind of bar or drink they’re choosing. Replacing a meal isn’t just about cutting calories or losing weight, because forgetting about the impact of healthy vitamins and nutrients on your body can be very dangerous.

This is why we loved discovering the organic, natural product line called Vega. They feature a wide range of healthy meal alternatives (like Vega Sport Performance Protein drink or Whole Food Vibrancy Bars), which are all natural, gluten-free and the perfect amount calories. However, because they’re full of plant-based, raw foods, they will give your body the nutrients and energy it needs (instead of depriving you of precious vitamins). Plus, they let us pretend we’re one of those cool, raw-food-eating, organic-toting moms (without having to do any work!)

* What Do You Think: Would you ever want to try Vega? What is your favorite meal replacement product?

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