Rehab Your Diet With Low Calorie Popcorn Snacks

Mothers Sophia Vergara and Christina Aguilera enjoy the Super Bowl.

* Nutrition Breakdown of the Week:

There is nothing like a large group of friends that make you want to eat horribly. Even if you normally prefer carrots and hummus, hang out with your closest buddies for a few hours and you’ll be nose deep in cheesy taco dip before you know it. This truth of life became glaringly evident during yesterday’s Super Bowl game, when I found myself snacking on foods I didn’t even like (just because the cool kids were doing it).

If I were smart (a common problem in my life), I would have avoided the buffet table all together, and turned to the healthy snacks I brought along for my daughter instead. And since she happily ate fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese and gluten-free crackers (while I consumed by body weight in “gouda stuffed appetizers”), I think I have some caloric damage to repair. Thankfully I recently found the new Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl snacks (popcorn that can be toted anywhere because it comes with the bowl). This would not only have been perfect for the party itself, but most microwavable popcorns are surprisingly low in calories if you watch your portion size.

Even though these new Pop Up Bowls haven’t hit the market yet (coming to Walmart stores on February 20’th), I was able to try them in advance and have a new food crush for sure. The portability, easy clean up and light nature of this snack makes it perfect to keep you on track nutritionally (while still earning cool points at the party).

* Stay Tuned: I’ll be posting tons of photos of these Pop Up Bowls on the Makeover Momma Whrrl Society soon (plus, find out more about other bloggers tasting these snacks in the Couch Critics Society).

* Sound Off: What was your favorite snack during yesterday’s Super Bowl festivities?

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