Reese Witherspoon Yoga Workout — Revamp Your Routine

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Want to feel and look as fantastic as mat-toting mothers Reese Witherspoon or Kate Hudson? Although it may go without saying that Yoga can be an integral part of any workout program or lifestyle (and is said to be a life altering practice which helps soothe minds, strengthen muscles and heal bodies)…  how can you possibly fit it in between diaper changes, temper tantrums and Elmo re-runs?

Read on for easy ideas on mixing Yoga with motherhood:

* Keep It Simple: Let’s face it, although many mothers are blessed with the ability to attend complicated classes or spiritual workshops…the majority of us are stuck trying to find “zen in our den.” Consider signing up for a Yoga membership program from home (like My Yoga Online) which can be accessed any time of day from your very own computer (and even offers Pilates or beginner classes!) The next time those little ones are taking a nap, try rolling out your mat and fitting in 15 minutes of mind-body connection.

* Listen Up: If you’re cool enough to own an I-pod, try downloading an affordable workout program that will coach you any time of day… any where you want! Once the baby is safely in their port-a-crib, the kids are off at school or you’re safely at the office, try fitting in an iSTRETCH Yoga session (which comes in a variety of levels and focuses, including 40 minutes of “core training” or 20 of “rocking abs.”) You can even try the “sculpt with a buddy” to shake things up (using a willing spouse or teenage offspring)…

* Every Bit Counts: If you already know enough about Yoga and fitness to create a practice at home, try checking out the Yoga Journal website, which will help you custom create a routine of poses catered to your needs for the day (whether cramps, moodiness or the need to feel awake). You can easily print off a sheet of poses, find a quiet space (if that’s possible) and do whatever feels right for you. “Om”, anyone?

* Do you want to revamp your workout routine? Send in your problems, dilemmas or questions, and we’ll help you shake things up!

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