Real Moms Don’t OWN Louboutins

Mothers Jessica Alba and Sherri Shepherd make motherhood look glamorous.

* Family Breadown of the Week:

When Makeover Momma first started a few years ago, I didn’t want it to be about me. Originally I hoped that Makeover Momma could serve as a resource for busy, budgeted women (much like an online magazine), and I would keep myself secretly on the sidelines. I didn’t want anyone to think that I’m perfect (or worst of all, that I think I’m perfect enough to be bossing everyone around). But as the website developed and I made so many amazing friends along the way, I realized that I wanted to share my struggles, triumphs and losses along the way, because so many of you are brave enough to share yours with me.

If I’m good at anything these days, it’s fantasizing my dreams and goals (Ryan Reynolds included), and hoping they come into fruition. No, I’m not going all “The Secret” on you, but I do have a ridiculously overactive imagination (perhaps induced by too many years of ballet). My ultimate dream over the past few years was to appear on Oprah as an author (after publishing the Makeover Momma book, or one of the many other fictional concoctions I brew up on the side). But since Oprah’s show is nearing it’s end, I am literally losing that dream faster than you can say “Look out Daily Show!” So lately I’ve been envisioning hosting my own show on her brand new project: Your OWN Show.

2010 was a tough year, and I don’t know if there are many of us who are sad to see it go. This past year held a great many struggles for me personally including my husband losing his job to the economy (six months and counting), frantically learning sign language for my little one, various personal losses, and continuing to struggle with the balance between motherhood and financial obligation. To put it bluntly, it was a year of mommy guilt, tremendous stress and striving to help both my children do their best. So what would my show be about? Just that.

Motherhood is so often glamorized in today’s society with shows like Real Housewives or Basketball Wives. I mean really, when was the last time you had a Louboutin laden cat fight over lunch? Children become after thoughts in even my most favorite of TV dramas, appearing once every three episodes if we’re lucky. (Come on guys. Does Kitty Walker even have a son anymore?) But in reality, being a mother should be what our universe revolves around. Being a mother should be messy, hard, exhausting…. but filled with just enough success and beautiful moments of love that we hold onto our sanity for just a minute longer. I’d love to see a show depicting the Real Bloggers of the country. Women who are working hard to give a voice to other moms, to share their stories and journeys with the world….while struggling with the realities of motherhood and life along the way. (Hint: perfect manicures aren’t included).

* Sound Off: What would your OWN show be about?

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6 comments on “Real Moms Don’t OWN Louboutins
  1. Krystyn says:

    My own show would be about the trails and tribulations of being a stay at home mom, trying to save money and raise a family on one income which includes using coupons on a daily basis! The ups & downs of being a mother in general

  2. MommyMagpie says:

    My own show would be about the realities of being a single parent who also owns a business and homeschools her kids, without a large network of friends and family.

  3. I love it! I also homeschool my girls (though we had to take a break this year but will be back at it next year hopefully)… we should talk schooling sometime : )

  4. I could use your coupon-ing tips…I’d definitely watch your show! : )

  5. Mel Nell says:

    My show would be about life. Making 28 hours of things to get done in 24. The struggle of working two jobs and parenting. Missing the little things yet still being there for the big ones. Feeling run down, run through, run over, and yet feeling so alive when your little ones smile/laugh.

    It would be about the choices we have to make, the fights we have, and the joys we share.

    My show would be about life.

  6. Karen Transue says:

    My show would be about what to do with yourself after your kids have grown and you never had a career!love OWN!!

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