Quick Tips For Wearing a Fedora — Accessory of the Week

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 The new young intern at Makeover Momma has agreed to document her love of accessories each week, to help inspire any mommas who are losing fashion fuel (hours of spit-up, savings and soiled diapers can do that to a person). Use her fun style and quirky aesthetic for your own daily fashion inspiration!

Check It Out: “Fedoras aren’t just for Al Capone… they are for anyone and everyone. They’re great for when you’re on the run and need something to touch up your outfit. This is my favorite fedora, because it is made out of felt (which works great with jeans in the winter), and well, the feathers… they just look plain awesome!I love fedoras not only because they look “Fedora-ble” with almost anything, but there are so many different styles you can get.”

Cost: $12

Speak Up: Would you wear this? What’s your favorite kind of hat?

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