Quick Tips For Preventing Sun Damage – Beauty Momma Dilemma

Do you want to prevent aging, reduce sun damage and get youthful looking skin? Listen to our simple, easy and affordable tips for protecting your skin from the sun (and preventing further damage). For more on sun protection, read here

* Let Us Know: What is your favorite kind of makeup with SPF?

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6 comments on “Quick Tips For Preventing Sun Damage – Beauty Momma Dilemma
  1. Tavia says:

    Thanks for the tips Bailey, sun protection is really important, too bad that not all women think like this. Many of them consider that you can have problems only if you go everyday to solarium or stay everyday in the sun.

  2. Maria says:

    Thanks for a great video clip.
    I was just at my dermatologist’s office today for my annual check-up. Living in southern California and loving the outdoors it’s hard to protect yourself (and your kids even more so!) from the sun. I use a water resistant SPF 70 on everyone in the family. The kids always wear hats and if they’re in the pool or at the beach – long shorts and rash guards (with UPF).

  3. bailey says:

    Yeah, I really need to get even more vigilant with my kids… I wish they created little “mystic tan” booths with sunscreen to hose them down before we go out the door ; )

  4. Karinda says:

    Even with my best efforts, I often run out of time when it comes to my morning routine. I am currently using a great foundation – MAC Mineralize Loose Foundation, that has a SPF 15 in it. It is also a loose powder foundation and I can apply it with a brush in a couple of seconds. So my face still looks ‘put-together’ and it is slightly protected against sun damage.

  5. Bailey says:

    That’s good to know, Karinda! I was just researching that foundation online the other day! (Sometimes I research beauty products like I’m buying a car)- hehe

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