Secrets For Using Mineral Makeup Like Katherine Heigl — Real Momma Product Review

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Craving fresh-faced makeup, like (Grey’s Anatomy new moms) Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl?

Do you ever wonder how you can streamline your morning beauty routine, to make your days more efficient? We love the tips and tricks shared in makeup artist Karinda Ristic’s book, The 10 Step Makeup Guide (check out our exclusive interview with her here), and wanted to let one of our Real Momma panelists, Rachel, give it a read….

Product: The 10 Step Makeup Guide e-book

My Favorite Thing: ” I love the e-book format, which makes this more accessible than a conventional book.”

What I Thought: “The author focused on the technical aspects of “creating an illusion” instead of trendy looks. I wish she would have included information about applying mineral makeup, but I had fun practicing the eyeshadow and highlighter tips the next morning–even with a fussy baby on my hip!” (Read below for the author’s exclusive makeup tips for mineral products…just for Makeover Momma readers!)

Top 3 Exclusive Tips For Mineral Makeup

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The Breakdown- What It Is:Mineral make-up is made from minerals ground into an ultra-fine powder. Most formulas contain zinc oxide (natural anti-inflammatory) and titanium dioxide (natural anti-inflammatory and natural sunscreen), blended with pure pigments (natural colour). Other common ingredients include clay (creamy texture and natural oil absorption), mica (smooth texture and glow), and rice starch(natural emollient and anti-inflammatory).” (We recommend an affordable brand, like Revlon’s new Colorstay Mineral Mousse Makeup, above).

How To Get It: “Mineral make-up is available in foundation, powder, concealer and there are also mineral-based eyeshadows, blushers, glosses, lipsticks and mascara, but these products (especially “wet” products like lipsticks, mascaras, etc.) may contain other ingredients such as oils, waxes and color. Be sure to check the ingredient information list if you’re concerned about the use of animal by-products or possible skin-irritating ingredients.”

Why You Need It: “Mineral-based make-up can be very beneficial for your skin. There are very few artificial colors, oils, perfumes or preservatives to clog pores and irritate the skin. But in addition to this, the ingredients in mineral-based make-up is actually good for your skin – hydrating, soothing, anti-bacterial and protective. ”

Want to know try the book for yourself? Check back tomorrow to find our about our exclusive Makeover Momma reader giveaway!

* Do you use mineral makeup? What brands do you like?

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3 comments on “Secrets For Using Mineral Makeup Like Katherine Heigl — Real Momma Product Review
  1. Ali says:

    Have not yet tried mineral makeup. Only recently started to put makeup on my face again…when I go out!

  2. Bailey says:

    I happen to be a big mineral makeup fan, because I have crazy sensitive skin. For some reason it looks less “makeup” as normal foundation does (on my face, personally)…and takes about 2 seconds to apply (which I love!)

  3. Like Bailey I have very sensitive skin so I use mineral makeup a lot – im a total fan!

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