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  Not every new mom can go braless underneath a slinky, tight dress or button-up shirt (like Melrose Place cast-mates Laura Leighton and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz), especially if you’re busty or nursing. Unfortunately large bra straps rarely compliment a stylish outfit. Keep reading for tips to help you skip the straps (and look better in your clothes)…

1. Conceal Carefully: Kate Hudson is notorious for celebrating her small chested frame (and more power to her), but is often seen skipping a bra. Try looking great underneath your clothes (without showing way too much), by trying Smooth & Lift Nipple Covers (which are resuable, and help you look perkier instantly!) After the stretch, pull (and typically) sag of pregnancy…who doesn’t want to look perkier?

2. Try A Lift: If you are feeling self conscious about the way your chest looks in your dress or top (but can’t wear a bra because of tricky necklines), try Instant Breast Lift tape from Bring It Up. As long as you’re not breastfeeding, this clever tape can be a quick way to get a “lift”, without anyone being the wiser.

3. Be True To You: Remember that even though “stomach-sucking” and “tummy-tucking” undergarments can make you look better in any outfit (check out our top picks for creating sleek lines), nothing is better than good posture. When in doubt? Remember to avoid any kind of pantie, bra or undergarment that will create wayward bumps (it’s better to choose a larger size of underwear, than squeeze into something unflattering).

* Sound Off: What is your favorite undergarment trick, for looking great in your clothes?

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