Quick Tips For High Protein, Healthy Meals — Easy Meal Inspiration

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The Meal: A serving of grilled salmon (portion size should be the size of your fist), with a small side salad of spinach, arugula and strawberries.

Why It’s Good: Salmon is high in protein (keeps you fuller for longer), high in Omega-3’s, and can easily taste good with a squirt of lemon (and little else). Make your salad even higher in protein by adding a sprinkling of almonds or walnuts (or additional fruit, like mandarin oranges).

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Make It Fast:

* If You’re Gluten-Free: Try Organic Bistro’s new salmon, broccoli and rice pilaf combo (it heats up in seconds, but does the portion control and calorie counting for you).

*If You Crave Flavor: The Lemon Pepper Fish meal from Healthy Choice is quick, simple, and creates the illusion of eating breaded fish (with only 310 calories!)

* If You’re a Vegetarian: Although they are yet to invent a meat replacement for fish (that we know of… or want to know of?), but try having an Italian Herb Chik Pattie from Morningstar Farms instead (it’ll go great with salad!)

What did YOU have for dinner last night?  Let us know, or submit a photo of your latest meal (and we’ll help other mommas make it fast!)  Leave a comment, TwitPic on Twitter (@makeovermomma), or contact our Facebook page!

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