Quick Tips For Copying Runway Fashions – Fashion Contest Winners

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Which winner would tap into her personal moxie in Jennifer Garner’s dress? Find out our contest winners below!

  Congratulations to the top 4 ladies who entered our Exclusive “Fashion Momma With Moxie” Contest by answering the question, “What is the one piece of clothing you own, that makes you feel like you could strut down the runway?” Winners will recieve an entire set of glamorous Moxie products:

1. Tavia from Chic Profile (a fabulous and fun blog), says, “My long satin black dress. It’s a beautiful dress with a small trail (I always wanted a dress with trail) and with a bare back. I wore this dress at 2 weddings and felt like a princess. Everybody was looking because it has a special and sophisticated style that will make any woman feel special. I hope to post a photo on my Twitter account (@ChicProfile) soon!” (We hope so too!)

2. Ali, a mother of two says, “A two piece navy blue dress that I wore for a Christmas party years ago. Working on getting back into that particular stunner, right now… very elegant and royal, and really was an eye-catching ensemble.” (Follow her progress @PickleSugarPlum!)

3. Annah said, “I love layering outfits. Sometimes I’ll layer a long tank top over a shorter top, with jeans and great accessories…and it just makes my body look ever better. That always give me confidence.”

4. @cornellian2001 explains, “A really awesome dress like the Diane Von Furstenburg Rosina dress that Jennifer Garner rocked recently… In red, of course!” (Love the dress!)

   Thank you everyone who entered, and look for more reader giveaway questions on Twitter (@makeovermomma) and our Facebook page!

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