Quick Exercises To Tone Arms and Legs — 1 Minute Makeover

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The Problem: You want to tone and tighten your arms and legs (but don’t have the time or equipment to work out for hours)…

The Fix: Do the following exercise to tighten your legs, butt and arms (all at the same time), whether your kids are watching TV, napping (or even if your baby is laying nearby).

* Get into a table-top position, with hands holding onto a low chair, coffee table or step.

* Extend one leg in front of you, and rise up onto the ball of your foot using standing leg (this works your thighs and butt).

*Holding this position (see photo above), begin doing tricep dips (bending elbows to work the arms), while keeping your lower body stable (hold the position with leg extended).

* Hold arms still, and do small “booty presses” (using your standing leg- with heel raised- to lower and lift your butt a few inches, making sure to only use your lower half…and not momentum).

* Hold this entire position for a few minutes at the end, and (keeping arms stable and staying on ball of the foot), pulse the extended leg up and down by a few inches… This will definitely burn!

What is your favorite way to work your arms and legs at the same time?

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One comment on “Quick Exercises To Tone Arms and Legs — 1 Minute Makeover
  1. Tavia says:

    It’s always good to see your new ideas of fitness exercises. They are very easy and efficient, I can make them almost anywhere, they are ideal when I don’t have time to stop by the gym. 🙂

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